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We are three friends who love sharing our passions. Whether we’re packing survival kits for the zombie apocalypse, watching reruns of Psych, or chatting about what to do at Comic Con, we always having fun nerding out over the things that we love. That’s why we started this blog! We want to write, podcast, and share the things we love with the people we love.

We met at San Diego Comic Con in 2012 and have been friends ever since! We hope you enjoy our musings, our theories, and our downright fangirl moments!


Lauren Twitter: @LaurenGallaway Location: San Diego, California About Me: When I’m not pretending to be a sword wielding Elven Princess like Arwen, you can find me navigating the frozen tundra of Narnia, having tea with Frodo, or saving the planet from total destruction with The Doctor. I am completely in love with stories that embrace whimsy, strength of character, and hope. If I could write for television shows like Arrow or Agent Carter I would quit my day job right now. Until then, I will continue to make the world a better place through social media, writing, ghostwriting, and teaching. You can currently find me contributing to the EW Community and associate producing the Assembly of Geeks podcast.

Stephanie Twitter: @StephersRG Location: Los Angeles, California About Me: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Ghostbuster. It did not matter that I was afraid of the dark and anything spooky and, more importantly, I did not live in a firehouse. I would find a way. Now I also want to be a ninja. I do not have a ninja sword or mask. All these years later, I am still trying to find my way. What also has not changed is my love for film, good television, comics, music, and all things pop culture. And I still don’t like Kevin Costner. I love to make people laugh. I am an editor out here in Hollywood. My mom says I am a dreamer. Mostly, I want to live in a Hobbit House made out of legos. Say hi to me. I will talk to anyone!

Lacey Twitter: @Fronkensteen Location: Dallas, Texas About Me: I slay zombies. Some say I am pretty crafty. I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Millie for a sidekick. I enjoy the theatre and I am very serious about my movies and television.


4 comments on “ABOUT FANCASTIC

  1. brookenado
    March 24, 2014

    Hi all! I’ve been steadily making my way through all of your posts for a short while now, and I’m loving the blog so far – each of you always has such interesting things to say. That said, I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated it for a Liebster Award 🙂

    It’s meant for all three of you, but should you choose to participate please have at it however you guys would like to tackle the questions!

    • laurengallaway
      March 29, 2014

      Brooke thank you so much! That is very thoughtful & kind of you! Is there anything we should do on our end?

      • brookenado
        April 17, 2014

        Aww sorry! Thought I had replied to you and just realized that wasn’t the case. At any rate you’re very welcome, it was my pleasure, and all you have to do if you want to, is answer the questions at the bottom of my post here – Then you can create your own and nominate whoever you’d like!

  2. Dave Smith (@DaGeekSmith)
    March 31, 2015

    Hi All,

    I noticed your posts about Agents of SHIELD and thought you might like to cover my free SHIELD app. It went hot on Reddit last week which sent an enormous amount of traffic so it should go over really well on your blog too.


    Sample badges:

    I need all the help I can get to get the word out so anything you can do would be greatly appreciated! If you have any questions just let me know. Thanks a ton!

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