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This Week in Podcasting: Daredevil, Outlander, The Flash & More

  As many of you know, we like podcasts here at Fancastic TV. Not only do we regularly guest host a variety of podcasts, we also listen to some great ones throughout the week! Here is our list of best podcasts to listen to this week! 


1. Assembly of Geeks: Geek Words, Geek Thoughts, Star Wars Celebration

This week Assembly of Geeks tackled the news about Arrow’s Stephen Amell casting in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, how Manu Bennett feels about Deathstroke in Arrow season 3, what Scott and Jeff are most looking forward to at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration, Bill Prady’s new Muppets series, and the news that Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar will be reprising their characters in a new animated special Batman movie. The geeks also played a fun word association game with the AI program GANNIN. I guest hosted this week for Amy who was gone this week.

Favorite moment in this episode: Nerdy speed dating 😉

Assembly of Geeks iTunesAssembly of Geeks Stitcher Podcast Weblink

2. Scene ‘N Nerd: 2.12 Better Call 12 Shield Devils 

This week Scene ‘N Nerd covered four fantastic shows: Better Call Saul, 12 Monkeys, Agents of SHIELD, and Daredevil. They break down the fantastic run of Better Call Saul, the AMC Breaking Bad spinoff show that just finished it’s first season. They also chatted predictions for the 12 Monkeys finale, which aired Friday. News broke earlier in the week that Agents of SHIELD was eyeing a spinoff, and Scene ‘N Nerd talked if they thought it was a good idea and what type of show they would like to see. Daredevil is also discussed as Casey and Pete had just finished watched the pilot. I joined them for this episode and it was awesome, as always, to talk about some of my favorite shows with these guys. 

Favorite moment in this episode: Me trying to say all of Matt’s one liners 

Scene ‘N Nerd iTunesScene ‘N Nerd Weblink



1. The Flash Podcast: Special Edition 8: The Calm Before the Storm

CW’s The Flash was on break this week which means The Flash Podcast was able to do a special edition episode! This week host Andy B. talked to artist Lord Mesa, whose Flash and Arrow fan art has gone viral! I know for certain that Lord Mesa’s amazing art is covering the walls of the Arrow writers room 😉 Andy and Lord Mesa talk current events on The Flash and breakdown some of those intense extended previews featuring Felicity, The Atom, the Reverse Flash, Iris and more.

Favorite moment in this episode: Andy calling Lord Mesa ‘My Lord’ 😉 

The Flash Podcast iTunesThe Flash Podcast StitcherWeblink


1. Ronald D. Moore’s Outlander Podcast: 109 The Reckoning  

Outlander fans rejoice! Show creator Ron Moore is back reacapping each episode of the second half of Outlander. Ron and his wife Terry (Outlander’s costume designer) recapped the first eight episodes of the series. Ron is back, and is joined this week by episode writer/director Matthew Roberts. Ron and Matthew watch the episode (over a few glasses of Scottish whiskey) and share how they made decisions on what to cut, what to keep and how each scene developed from book to script to screen. They address the spanking scene, the love triangle with Jaime, Claire and Laoghaire, and the Jacobite tensions between Collum and Dougal.

Favorite moment in this episode: Matt and Ron talking about how much they loved the Great Hall set.

Ron Moore’s Outlander Podcast on iTunes 

2. The Scot and the Sassenach: Episode 22 – The Reckoning 

Lani and Alastair are back to discuss the newest episode of Outlander 1.09 ‘The Reckoning’. In this episode not only do Lani and Alastair rejoice that the show is back, but they give a very critical analysis of the most difficult elements of this episode including “The Spanking”, Jaime’s temptation, and the violent sexual way in which Jaime and Claire reconcile. Lani and Alastair have both read the book and are well versed in the history of the time, so they are fantastic people to address these controversial scenes.

Favorite moment in this episode: The brutally honest way in which they address the spanking scene.

Scot and the Sassenach iTunes – Scot and the Sassenach Weblink 


1. Scene ‘N Nerd: 2.11.5 Watch Along Daredevil Ep. 1

In addition to Scene ‘N Nerd’s regular postcast this week they did their first episode commentary “watch along” to the first episode of Daredevil. Casey and Pete watched the first episode of Daredevil on Netflix Friday morning and recorded their reactions live. It’s a really fun podcast episode that you can watch along as you watch the Daredevil pilot or can just listen to if you’ve seen the pilot. It’s kind of like listening to the guys of Mystery Science Theater 3000 talk about funny moments on the show, although this commentary is a good mix of humourous reactions and awe as to what a great show it is. 

Favorite moment in this episode: Product placement and made up gangs 😉 

Scene ‘N Nerd Daredevil Watch Along iTunesWeblink 


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