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Agents of Shield – Skye Attends Inhuman School 

Agents of Shield | 2×16 | “Afterlife”

Tonight’s episode of Agents of Shield was fantastic! The writers of this episode weaved in some solid Marvel easter eggs (which is always fun) and we got to see Skye visit the Inhuman version of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters! We also got a tease of why May is called ‘The Calvary’ – but we’ll get to that next week.

Top 5 moments:

1. Dr. List 


  • We first saw Dr. List experimenting on Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in the post credit scene of Captain America: Winter Soldier.
  • List then first appeared in “Aftershocks” as a formidable head of Hydra.
  • We know he is still working directly with Baron Von Strucker.
  • In this episode, List collecting and experimenting on more “gifted individuals”.
  • His inclusion in this episode is a direct tie-in to the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron.

 2. Dealthlok

  • Deathlok returns!
  • It was great seeing Mike Peterson back on the show! I don’t think we’ve seen Mike since the season one finale
  • I wonder if Deathlok will continue to work with #TeamCoulson for the rest of the season or if he is only back for a few episodes.

 3. Inhumans School

  • This Inhumans refuge reminded me so much of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters!
  • Doing an Inhumans storyline is so perfect because it lets the MCU showcase people with powers without showing mutants.
  • I love that Skye has a safe place to learn about her powers.
  • This must be where Skye’s mother and father worked when they were married. Cal mentioned volunteering at a type of clinic.
  • The room where they are holding Cal looks like the same training room from “Aftershocks”.
  • I wonder how long Skye will stay here to learn… 

4. Luke Mitchell 

  • Luke is a fantastic teacher for Skye!
  • His character, Lincoln, seems kind and honest.
  • His powers are awesome! I loved seeing him levitate Skye off the ground with his force powers static electricity.
  • Apparently he is playing an original character and not a comic book Inhuman.
  • Seeing him on the show further confirms I need to binge watch The Tomorrow People.

5. Skye’s Mother – Jaiying

  • I am so glad we get to see more of Skye’s mom!
  • I really loved this actress, Dichen Lachman, in Dollhouse!
  • A lot of fans were upset that we only got a glimpse of her in the first half of this season.
  • It looks like her body was able to heal herself even though she was so badly cut up. You can see the intense scarring on her face when she is talking to Cal and Skye.
  • Questions: When will she tell Skye that she is her mom? Is she keeping Cal locked up because he is no longer safe?

Closing Thoughts

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Agents of Shield? I loved watching Coulson and Hunter work together. They have great buddy-cop chemistry. I also loved seeing Gemma help Fitz smuggle Fury’s toolbox out of the base. My heart broke when she packed him his favorite sandwich. We haven’t seen that sandwich since Ward threw it to the dogs in season one. Wow, that feels like a lifetime ago. Speaking of Ward – Coulson, Hunter, and Deathlok are on their way to find him. I wonder why… Is it because Coulson knows Ward’s obsession with Skye will force him to be their ally until they find her? Interesting plan…

Next Week: Agents of Shield 2×18 “Melinda” aka ‘The Calvary’

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One comment on “Agents of Shield – Skye Attends Inhuman School 

  1. Joie Fatale
    April 9, 2015

    I was so happy we saw more of Skye’s mom! I hope she tells her! (I loved her in Dollhouse too)

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