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Leonard Nimoy, Agent Carter, Time Travel Podcasts

NimoyThis week I had the honor of being on three different podcasts! On Tuesday, I was on Assembly of Geeks, recapping the heart-wrenching finale of Agent Carter. Wednesday I was on The Flash Podcast, guest hosting cool conversations about Doctor Wells, time travel, and lady meta humans. On Friday I was a guest on SceneNNerd, where we shared our favorite Leonard Nimoy moments, rehashed Arrow‘s epic ‘Nanda Parbat’ episode, and talked a little more about the Agent Carter finale.

If you are looking for some great podcasts to listen to this week, I can highly recommend all three!

Assembly of Geeks is a weekly nerd show that covers topics from favorite eighties films, show recaps, comic con experiences, geek news and more! The Flash Podcast is the best podcast covering CW’s TheFlash. SceneNNerd also covers a range of topics from movie reviews, show recaps and more.

You can find our Agent Carter finale podcast episode here.

You can find our special The Flash time travel podcast episode here. 

You can find our special SceneNNerd Leonard Nimoy goodbye here. 

Photo Feb 28, 6 56 44 PM

If you get a chance to listen to any of these shows let me know in the comments or on Twitter! @Lauren_Gallaway 😉


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