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Agent Carter Finale Theories

Peggy FinaleAs you know, we have been recapping Marvel’s Agent Carter on the Peggy Carter Podcast. Over the last eight weeks we have been tracking our theories about Dr. Ivchenko, Howard, Jarvis, Item 17 and a lot more. With the finale mere hours away, I wanted to share some of my theories before all is revealed!

I rewatched all seven episodes in the last twenty four hours, so everything is fresh. Up to this point everything has been leading to Leviathan. Leviathan robbed the vault, Leviathan planted Dr. Ivchenko in the SSR, Leviathan sent Dottie to take out Peggy and any other threat to their plan.

While all of this true, there are a few threads I have overlooked. Maybe it’s because Dottie and Ivchenko are now enemy number one that no one is thinking about the other people that could be connected to the bigger plot.

Let’s take a look at all the threads that have been set up so far:

  • Leet Brannis: While he may have worked for Leviathan at one point, once he got his hands on Howard’s tech he decided to betray Leviathan and keep the tech for himself. Why would he do that? Surely it wasn’t for the money. I think Brannis wanted to keep Item 17 from Leviathan because he saw the damage it could do in the battle of Finnow.
  • Sasha Demidov: Better known as the Man in the Green Suit, Demidov was sent by Leviathan to track down Brannis and Item 17. He was thwarted in doing both, when he died in the Nitramene explosion. We can clearly see Brannis’ betrayal because Demidov killed everyone he could just to get to Brannis.
  • Dottie Underwood: Before Dottie moved into the Griffith to keep tabs in Agent Carter, she got Howard Stark to take her on a date. I’m guessing this date led back to his apartment, where Dottie learned about the vault. She must have then told Brannis where to find the vault so he could rob it. I think Dottie was placed at the Griffith purely to get intel about the SSR, and was only instrusted to kill Peggy when Doctor Ivchenko realized Peggy knew too much.
  • Doctor Ivchenko: A lot of people were speculating on Twitter if Doctor Ivchenko was actually comic book villain Doctor Johann Fennhoff “Doctor Faustus”. Agent Carter’s showrunners have confirmed this to be true. Doctor Faustus was known to hypnotize people into committing suicide in many Captain America comics. Dr. Ivchenko superbly planted himself in the headquarters of the SSR to acquire Item 17, which he did. He then tested the item which had devastating effects.
  • Item 17: After seeing the effects of the item on the movie theater attendees, it is obvious that this is what caused the massacre at Finnow. Dooley was told that no army could claim credit for the deaths at Finnow, that the Germans found the Russians dead, with no sign of who killed them. Item 17 must have caused the Russians to kill themselves. If Brannis saw this happen in Finnow Leviathan must have cut out his voice box so that he could never implicate them.
  • Finnow: As far as we know, members of the US army, General Guinness, and a team of Russians (probably Leviathan) tested Item 17 on a group of Russian soldiers. Howard Stark arrived in Finnow the day after the massacre, punched Guinness, tore up his government R&D contract and put all of his tech in his vault. Howard must have been mortified to see that something he created could cause that much death. Shortly after this, General Guinness died, apparently of a heart attack.

All of these details have led me to believe the following:

Howard Stark was appalled at what happened in Finnow and hid all of his tech. Whoever was overseeing the Finnow project wanted Item 17 and either hired Leviathan to track it down, or is Leviathan. I believe in the finale we will see Dottie and Faustus attempt to set off the device in the heart of New York City, but I’m not sure why… Maybe it will be to act as a divertion? Maybe they want access to something and need all of the city to be fighting themselves so they can get it? While I don’t understand Leviathan’s end game, I am very excited to see the reveal of who is behind all of this. Is it a Senator or government official? Or is it Leviathan working alone? Will we get a glimpse of Hydra lurking somewhere behind the scenes?

I know a lot of people, myself included, are hoping for a second season. Thankfully the showrunners of Agent Carter have promised an ending that leaves itself open to a season two. If you would like a second season make sure to watch live tonight, record it on your DVRs and watch it again, watch it a few times on Hulu, download the episodes on iTunes, and tweet using the hashtag #AgentCarter a lot when you are tweeting tonight!

The finale airs in 90 mins on the East Coast and in 3 1/2 hours on the West Coast. Tweeting helps. Telling your friends to watch it helps. While this may be the last episode we get of this fantastic show this season, I am confident we will get a second season soon!

If you have been enjoying the show, please send some tweet love to all the cast and creators who will be watching and live tweeting the show tonight!

Showrunners: Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters
Writers: Jose Molina Chris Dingess Lindsey Allen Brant Englestein
Producers: Geoffrey Colo Eric Pearson Wendy Willming
Composer: Christopher Lennertz
Costume Designer: Giovanna Melton
VFX: Sheena Duggal

You can also tweet along with me tonight: @Lauren_Gallaway and catch our finale podcast tomorrow on the Peggy Carter Podcast!

Peggy Finale 2


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