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Galavant, “My Cousin Izzy” & “It’s All In The Executions”, My Thoughts


I hesitate to do a full recap of this installment of Galavant— Why, you ask? Because the creators and the ABC Network left us with a hell of a lot of cliffhangers! And if I even began to explain to you all of the goings on in the last hour of the first season of Galavant, there would be incredible spoilery abound!

Also before I delve too much further into my enthusiastic and confused thoughts, I want to remind you all who have been watching along, Galavant was always intended to be a series. This “4 Week Comedy Extravaganza” nonsense confused us all from the get-go. Even I was not certain of what to call the new show, when I first started spreading the word of it’s glorious-ness. It wasn’t until I read a tweet from Karen David, on January 9th, that I had any sort of confirmation.

While the time-slot on Sunday evenings, during Prime-Time, might have seemed like a stellar home for a musical comedy fairy tale, ABC put up the brand new series against big awards shows on other networks. Awards season was not an ideal time to try and kick off a show that would, statistically, already be hindered due to the fact that it’s a musical. According to ratings, Galavant had a pretty good start with it’s premiere… and then dipped in the following weeks, when it was shown during the same time slot as The Golden Globes, the AFC Championship Game, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

No television series should have to hold it’s own against big televised events such as those– especially a brand new, musical comedy fairytale! However, I think that Galavant held it’s own and absolutely deserves a round two. And according to this article from Deadline, the season finale episode of Galavant was up in ratings, in addition to having favorable reception from critics. The article also goes on to say that a second season for Galavant is a solid possibility.

So. What did you think of the finale of the “4 Week Comedy Extravaganza”?

Spoiler-Heavy recaps and thoughts after the jump! 

tumblr_nitenzkfgN1qa45iio1_540“My Cousin Izzy” starts us off with a flashback to thirty years earlier, in a scene between a young Galavant (Harry Collett) and his dad who is played by a fandom familiar, Anthony Head (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Merlin, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters). As a side note, For those of you who were excited to see Anthony Head singing, and had no idea that he could until now– you should check out Repo! The Genetic Opera. But I will warn you, it’s not for the faint of heart, and there’s a lot more gore! But a fun movie, nonetheless.  Anyway, back to little Galavant— during the flashback, his dad tells him that a hero never cries and that he can’t cloud his thoughts or his feelings because he needs to be ready for when his “hero moment” comes. Oh. And also to never get married! The small scene is important the the entire season, really, because it gives us a little, pretty bow to put on top of the package that is Galavant, It gives us the reason why Galavant is who he is, today. It provides insight as to why he wishes to be a heroic knight, and why he thinks and works the way that he does.

As we jump back to the present in Valencia, Galavant (Joshua Sasse) is still locked away in the dungeon with everyone else, and he’s still trying to come up with a rescue plan. It’s a process, and he’s ignoring everyone and trying not to cloud his judgement– because’s he’s in hero mode. But Isabella’s (Karen David) parents tell her not to worry because they’ve sent a pigeon with a message to her cousin, Harry (Kemaal Deen-Ellis), who is going to come save them. This does not sit well with Galavant, once he finds out, because he wanted to be the one to save the day, and have his ‘hero moment’. This also provides us with the beginning of a silly running gag of a song, where Galavant keeps trying to sing his big, epic, heroic musical number about saving the day, but keeps getting interrupted for one reason or another. This time, it’s when the queen calls everyone from the dungeon to the throne room, to catch Kingsley (Rutger Hauer) up on the story– it’s a comedy fairytale, remember?

At this time, Queen Madalena (Mallory Jansen) also takes the opportunity to announce that Kingsley is her future husband. This, of course, causes Richard and Kingsley to argue, and it ends in an agreement that they will both fight to the death in a duel– then there’s an aside where Richard breaks the fourth wall, and explains that they, as royals, will now both pick a Champion to fight for them in their stead. But before Richard can name Gareth (Vinnie Jones) as his Champion, Kingsley does, leaving Richard dumbfounded. Eventually, Galavant speaks up to say that he will fight for Richard–on the condition that if he wins, Richard has to let his friends go. Richard agrees to it, and just as Gal starts to burst into his song, his hero moment is interrupted, yet again, and this time by Kingsley, who found it incredibly annoying.

Later, before the duel, Madalena visits Galavant in the dungeon to offer him one last chance to be her “Shag Hag”, and he turns her down once again. Just as the duel is about to begin, the kingdom is alerted that Prince Harry has arrived, and this puts a hold on things. Actually, Richard puts a hold on things with the excuse of the arrival of another Royal. To put off the fight longer, Richard announces that everyone must join them for a pre-duel feast. Prince Harry, Isabella’s cousin, is much younger than anyone had anticipated– in fact, Harry is like, 8 years old. And Surprise! Isabella Confesses to Galavant that Harry is also her fiancé that she’s in an arranged marriage with. Galavant is soooo confused, as is everyone else by Prince Harry merely arriving just as the duel is about to take place.
(GIF credit:

(GIF credit:

This allows Gwynne (Sophie McShera) to share her plot to kill the royals with Chef–who happens to have an actual name– Vincenzo (Darren Evans). Gwynne’s plot consists of a poisoned feast for everyone, and it actually gives us quite a bit more insight on her character, and man, does she have a dark side! We get to see another song performed by Darren Evans and Sophie McShera and they are still just as ridiculously adorable as ever, even if they are singing about murdering everyone in the kingdom with arsenic and cyanide in the catchy tune, “A Happy Ending For Us”.

While the plotting and the feasting is going on, Sid (Luke Youngblood), The Jester (Ben Presley), and Isabella’s

parents (Stanley Townsend and Genevieve Allenbury) manage to break out of the dungeon in a fun scene that finally gives us more airtime with the ever so handsome Ben Presley! Long story short, the Chef can’t carry through with killing the Royals, and instead, only cooks everything the specific guests (that he has been cooking for his whole life) are allergic to into the meals. Just as everyone begins to have an allergic reaction, Sid and the gang burst into the room and toss a sword to Galavant. He finally gets his hero moment—aaaand uses it to save Isabella from eating crab–which she is allergic to.

Kingsley wants to have the Chef executed, and Richard won’t allow it. Once again, the duel is brought up, and thinking that he will get to fight his brother, Richard announces that he wishes to be the first king in history to ever fight for himself. This amuses Kingsley because he still plans on having Gareth fight for him, and Kingsley admits that he’s going to enjoy watching Richard be killed by his best friend.
And that is where our very last half hour of the first season of Galavant starts off… “It’s All In The Executions”  begins with a plan for a duel to the death between Gareth and King Richard. The last thirty minutes also has the best use of the main theme used for various reprises; for example, at the top of the episode, the Jester is singing to the prisoners about what all has happened, leading up to that point, And the theme is also later used pretty cleverly at the end of the episode, which I will get to in a moment.
Galavant, whilst in the dungeon with the others once more, devises a plan to gain King Richard’s confidence by using his wit. Managing to get the king to go to the pub to have a drink with him, Galavant convinces Richard to sneak into Kingsley’s room and kill him. Their drunken shenanigans lead us into possibly the funniest number of the entire season with Richard and Galavant sneaking through the castle, late at night, and singing about being on a secret mission to kill Kingsley (“We’re Off On A Secret Mission”). Unfortunately, the drunken secret mission fails, and Kingsley sends both Gal and Richard back to the dungeon, but not before taking the King’s crown from Richard.
GalavantGAreBearNo longer bearing the crown of the King, Richard shares a rather bromantic scene with Gareth that gets you right in the feels. Like, really. I never expected a musical comedy fairytale to make me verklempt. Gareth tells Richard that he’s told him all of his life to man up and grow a pair, and that now Richard’s going to die because he didn’t listen. Drunk, alone, and feeling sorry for himself, Richard sings himself to sleep with a soft lullaby called “Goodnight My Friend” that his nanny, Pearl, used to sing to him and Gareth, when they were little. His sweet voice can be heard throughout the kingdom and even makes people have a change of heart. If you haven’t heard Timothy Omundson sing “Goodnight My Friend”– one, WHY ARE YOU READING THIS– and two, GO LISTEN. NOW. While Omundson has killed us with funny with his other songs of the season, this one is so sugary sweet that it will give you cavities. Not only is the Alan Menken/Glenn Slater song a gem, but Timothy Omundson can really turn on a truly beautiful voice, when given the opportunity! I hope that we get to hear more songs like “Goodnight My Friend” from Omundson in the future, whether it be in Galavant or something else.

NOT Galavant. Sorry. Maybe Mike Myers can join us for season two?

NOT Galavant. Sorry. Maybe Mike Myers can join us for season two?

GalavantboopWhen morning arrives in Valencia, Gareth comes to wake everyone in the dungeon, and in an attempt to save the lives of Galavant and Richard, he takes them both–leaving everyone else behind. But not, of course, before Galabella finally share a kiss! ….Just before Gareth knocks Galavant out and drags him along. So you Galabella shippers finally got your wish! But Gareth had to go and spoil the moment. This is another reason Galavant is in desperate need of a season two!
But back to the recap! Gareth takes Richard and Galavant and puts them on a boat with the Pirates from the third episode, “Comedy Gold”, explaining that the pirates will take Richard and Galavant back to Richard’s kingdom, where they’ll be safe. So wait, Galavant isn’t even on land anymore? NO. He isn’t! How will he save the others?? And Richard is with him? That makes for an entire show, right there. Too bad they’re already doing an Odd Couple remake on CBS. BUT… THEY don’t have the musical aspect! Galavant truly is setting us up for Comedy Gold!
 And Gareth makes his way back to the kingdom to set the others free– all but Sid, who he keeps as collateral. Poor Sid! And furthermore, we all knew Madalena was the Cersei Lannister of the show– but no one could have possibly predicted that she would be the one to stab Kingsley in the back. Literally. Galavant truly did pull a bit of a Game of Thrones twist, especially when Gareth picked up the Royal Sword from, the now dead, Kingsley, and joined Madalena on the throne!  Are Gareth and Madalena going to rule Valencia?? What kind of kingdom are they planning on

running? And was Gareth part of the plan all along? UGH.

And Isabella and the others have made their way to her cousin Harry’s palace for a place to stay, and assistance in rescuing Sid from Valencia… But HOLD THE PHONE. The creepy little Prince fiance of hers wants to lock her up and keep her in a creepy dollhouse-like room that he had built just for her???
And that, my friends, is where the episode ends!
Richard and Galavant are on a boat together, sailing off in the opposite direction as everyone else. Sid is held captive in the dungeon in Valencia, which is now being ruled by the evil Madalena, and game changer Gareth! And The Jester, Chef, Gwynne, The King and Queen of Valencia, and Isabella are now staying with Prince Harry– who has possibly locked Isabella up forever? SERIOUSLY?? YES. SERIOUSLY. THAT. IS. WHERE. GALAVANT. LEFT. US.

Our season ends right there
with questions everywhere.
Like, will the princess waste her whole life waiting?
Will Gareth and the Queen
rule the entire scene?
Will all this singing kill our Nielsen ratings?
Sid, the peasants, the entire crew
will they be back for season two?
Who knows?
But if there are more shows,
then off our hero goes,
and so the legend grows–
the legend known as Galavant!

Yes, our beautiful, wonderful, talented creators even left us in song! In comedy, musical, fairytale extravagance! But will there be a season two? Dear God, I know I hope so! Because if there isn’t, my heart will be crushed! I truly hope you enjoyed Galavant as much as I did, and if you did– if you want to see a season two as much as I do, please watch it! Gently encourage your friends to watch it too! Watch it on demand, watch it on ABC.GO.Com, watch it on Hulu. Buy it on Amazon and iTunes and show those that are watching and paying attention to ratings that this show is something special, and one of a kind.

If Galavant made you smile with it’s amusing musical numbers, check it out on iTunes, and and purchase the soundtrack. The Digital copy is available to download now, and the CD will be available in stores February 17th. If you already have the soundtrack, or if you’ve had a look at it, and your favorite song isn’t there, look for it soon! A few days ago, Glenn Slater tweeted a reply to a fan that stated, ‘We have it on fairly good authority there WILL be a “#Galavant Vol 2” with the other songs.’ So when volume two is released, you can support Galavant that way too! And hopefully get those other songs that you’ve been missing!

So before I sail off into the sunset with Galavant and Richard, I leave you with this:

In my effort to support Galavant, a Galavant season two, and the #RenewGalavant initiative, I want to do a giveaway. I saw someone else have this brilliant idea– and I wanted to do my part! If you would like to be entered for a chance to win a digital copy of Galavant (Original Soundtrack), here is what you must do…

1. Comment on this post and tell me what your favorite moment in Galavant was!

2. Follow me on Twitter @Fronkensteen

3. Follow @FancasticTV on Twitter.

4. Tweet to Me, @Fronkensteen, AND @FancasticTV with the hashtag #RenewGalavant, and tell us your favorite song from season 1!tumblr_inline_nhr82uaYxJ1qhhfr5

The deadline for said giveaway will be Friday, February 13th at 11:59PM CENTRAL time. I will randomly draw a name on Saturday, February 14th, and notify the winner via Direct Message on Twitter that they will have a date for Valentine’s Day with the Galavant (Original Soundtrack). The Fine Print: I mean.. if you have another Valentine that you’ll be spending that day with, you know, just share the music. Maybe you can convince them to watch the show with you if they haven’t already.



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3 comments on “Galavant, “My Cousin Izzy” & “It’s All In The Executions”, My Thoughts

  1. Joie Fatale
    January 28, 2015

    I was one of the people who SWORE it was just a one shot!. But I’m really glad it’s not! I thought the show was fun, and the lyric about the Nielson ratings had me hook line and sinker! I love 4th wall breakage!

    • ifronkensteen
      January 28, 2015

      Nope! It’s absolutely meant for more! I hope we get to see a season two! And I had a lot of fun and good laughs watching Galavant, myself, — but especially when they would break the 4th wall. 🙂
      “Will all this singing kill our Nielsen Ratings? Who knows!”

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