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‘Agent Carter’ News from the TCAs


Today the cast and creators of Agent Carter answered questions and shared their thoughts regarding the upcoming episodes of Agent Carter. Below is a round up of reporting tweets from that panel. These reports raise a lot of questions about Agent Jack Thompson, Jarvis’ wife, the possibility of betrayal within the SSR, and any crossover potential with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Be on the lookout for unexpected plot twists, betrayal and Marvel Easter eggs:

@TVGuideMagazine: “I absolutely promise you that with each script we read, we did not see it coming,” says #AgentCarter’s James D’Arcy. #TCA15

@TVGuide: “Now is really the beginning of what the show is,” James D’Arcy on #AgentCarter. Promises “exciting adventures” ahead. #TCA15

@TVGuideMagazine: “There’s a dark past to Jack Thompson that we’re playing with,” says #AgentCarter’s Chad Michael Murray. #TCA15

@danielletbd: “I wouldn’t trust anybody up here,” #AgentCarter EP on #Shield’s precedent of seemingly good guys being bad. #TCA15

@danielletbd: Murray says if you’re a fan of anything Marvel, there are lots of Easter eggs coming. #AgentCarter #TCA15

On whether or not we will see Jarvis’ wife:

@JarettSays: “I know what she looks like in my head.” — James D’Arcy on Jarvis’ unseen wife (leads me to believe she won’t appear) #AgentCarter #TCA15

Cast commentary on the show:

@danielletbd: James D’Arcy likes the combination of action, adventure, commentary of time, strong woman at center. #AgentCarter #TCA15

@Marvel: .@HayleyAtwell remarks how refreshing it is to see 2 women genuinely supporting each other with #AgentCarter and Angie.

@TVGuide: After 4 years of playing a spy on #Nikita, Lyndsy Fonseca enjoys being the wise-cracking friend on #AgentCarter and supporting Peggy #TCA15

@danielletbd: Feely says the Griffith Hotel is a way to populate w/more female characters in Peggy’s otherwise male dominated world. #AgentCarter #TCA15

Will Agent Carter cross over with Agents of Shield?

@AgentCarterNews: When asked if Agents of SHIELD will cross over with Agent Carter, they reply #ItsAllConnected

Will Agent Carter cross over with Age of Ultron?

@AgentCarterNews: Jeph Loeb refuses to comment on whether Agent Carter will crossover with Age of Ultron #TCA15

What do you think about all this news? Do you think one of the SSR agents could pull a Ward? Let me know in the comments or shoot me a tweet @Lauren_Gallaway

I love how Jeph Loeb describes Marvel: “What try to do in all of our stories is hit three basic areas: We like to have our heroes come from a place that are very empathetic,” Jeph Loeb says, but they also have to be aspirational. “We also live in a world where Marvel is all about hope,” Loeb says. The secret sauce, though? “There’s this bit of levity. There’s this bit of humor,” Loeb says. He praises the cast for being able to play both the dramatic and funny side of life.” (Via HitFix)

Absolutely perfect 🙂


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