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Parks and Recreation, The Final Season

parks-and-recreation-season-7-update  The past few years have been hard for me, lots of shows, very important shows in my life, to which I have had to bid adieu. I have said goodbye to PsychFringeThe OfficeBreaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother (among others), all long running shows that I have been with since day one. Tonight marks the beginning of the end of the show I have often called the best show on television Parks and Recreation. When you have been with a show for seven years, it is always so bittersweet to hear those words “the final season (except in the rare occasions that the show is so incredibly disappointing by the end, I am looking at you Dexter).

On one hand, I am so excited to see where these characters will end up after all these years and episodes. On the other hand, I am so devastated to live in a world without this show on my television!

imagesTonight, the short and final season began and we have two less P&R episodes to look forward to. NBC will be airing two a night every tuesday in order to make this final season the event that it deserves. The first of the two episodes tonight, “The Year 2017”, picks up where last season’s finale ended, you guessed it, in the year 2017. But you will not guess where the characters are in their lives when this seventh and final episode begins. Ron and Leslie are in a professional feud. Tom is a baller restaurant mogul (that’s what he would have wanted me to call him) and Andy and April are responsible “boring” adults. This episode had me laughing, feeling nostalgic and worried and paved the way for Leslie’s last big push, to secure a large chunk of land to turn into a national park. It would be her crowning achievement. The only catch, her bid is zero dollars and her competitor, Ron Swanson, brings in a hefty 90 million dollar bid. If anyone can succeed, it is Leslie!

The second episode tonight, “Ron and Jammy” unleashes two great guest stars, Megan Mullally and Natalie Morales, both Parks and Rec veterans. This episode is worth watching for Amy Poehler’s dead on Megan Mullally impression, if nothing else. But luckily, there is a lot else so never fear! In this episode, Leslie and Ron have to work together amidst their feud to free Councilman Jamm from his physically and emotionally painful relationship with Tammy (Mullally). Only Ron has the tools to help free another man from the clutches of his evil ex.

The final season of what I STILL think is one of the best shows on television looks like it will not disappoint. If tonight is any indication, the guest stars will be aplenty and hilarious. My personal favorite tonight, Jon Hamm playing Ed, the beautiful but dimwitted Parks employee. A very close second is Mo Collins as the reoccurring Joan Callamezzo. Her delivery of the line that give me the biggest laugh tonight “Thank you Commissioner Gordon, People of Gotham”, was pitch perfect comedy. I cannot let it go unnoticed that Joan wrote a book called “Game of Joans” If tonight’s double header is any indication, I will not have dry eyes due to all the laughing AND all the sads as we gobble up these last eleven episodes.

Parks and Recreation airs on NBC at 8pm on Tuesdays. Watch and you will forever be glad you did.


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