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Galavant, “Two Balls” & “Comedy Gold”, My Thoughts

galavantStill with us on our Hero’s Journey? I hope so. A lot happened during these last two episodes, though they may have seemed less solid than the two during the premiere.

The “4-Week Comedy Extravaganza” is officially at its’ halfway mark. There are only four more episodes left of Galavant, which means that we will only have two more nights to spend in this hilariously ridiculous world that Dan Fogelman (Crazy, Stupid, Love, Tangled, The Guilt Trip) and company have created for us.


Before I even go into my thoughts on this week’s portion of the tale, according to Karen David (Princess Isabella), via her tweet from January 9th, “It’s not a one time mini series. Hopefully we’ll be back for a 2nd season, so tell everyone to watch on Sunday! Xo.” So there is more to the story! How is this 4-Week Comedy Extravaganza going to wrap? I’m pretty stoked to see how it all ends up. EVERYBODY WATCH (to be yelled in your best Vinnie Jones voice)!

“Two Balls” started out with a musical recap of everything that happened last week, in case you were just catching the show for the first time. It was to the tune of the title song, “Galavant”. Why ruin a good thing? I love the song as much as anyone else–possibly more– which is precisely why I don’t like the constant overuse of it for other things like recaps and, for the love of God, all of those horrible commercials for other ABC shows! Please stop hurting this fun song for things other than the progression of the Galavant story with it’s originally intended lyrics. Thank you.

This episode has Galavant (Joshua Sasse), Isabella (Karen David), and Sid (Luke Youngblood) back on their journey to the Kingdom of Valencia, and they find themselves needing a place to rest the horses and stay for the night. Sid has the fantastic idea of letting them stay at his nearby hometown, which, unbeknownst to Gal and Isabella, is known as SIDNEYLAND. Sid is adopted and he may have exaggerated “a little bit” over the years, when he would write home. Sid is a celebrity of sorts, and the entire community seems to think that Sid is a gallant knight who slays dragons, and that Galavant is his squire.

While Galavant isn’t so keen on the idea of playing along, Isabella welcomes the opportunity and the gang continues on to visit Sid’s parents (Faith Prince and Michael Brandon), who, by the end of it all, are lead to believe that Isabella and Sid are engaged. Wanting to celebrate the grand news, Sid’s adopted (this is important) parents parade him through the town with a very Mel Brooksian musical number (“Oy! What A Knight!”) and insist on throwing an engagement party, forcing Galavant to spend time with the other squires to help prepare everything. While not exactly liking the job, Galavant has a moment of self revelation during the squires’ song and dance number, “Jackass In A Can”.

Meanwhile, back in Valencia, Timothy Omundson is stealing the show once again as the evil King Richard. It is noted that it has been 48 days since Valencia was conquered, and wanting the place to liven up some, and still desperately wanting his wife to love him, King Richard decides to also throw a ball, for old time’s sake. Having killed all of the kingdom’s musicians, Gareth and King Richard improvise, and have the local executioners form a band– “The Executioners”– to play at the ball. For those of you that know your Game of Thrones, the Executioners’ drummer is played by Tim Plester who you might recognize as Black Walder Rivers, a.k.a. the guy that had a knife at The Red Wedding and slit someone very important’s throat.


“Oh my god, that’s me.” – Galavant, during “Jackass In A Can” (screencap credit:

At the King’s ball, the citizens of Valencia are ordered to dance to the lovely music by The Executioners (this includes a song called “Dance Until You Die”) and as they begin to wear out, some of them even dropping to the floor, King Richard also has a self revelation. Ordering everything to stop, King Richard asks, “you aren’t really having any fun, are you?” Afraid to answer, the Valencians don’t respond until Richard asks them to describe the ball. Enjoying the response, King Richard tells them to roast him, which he is okay with– even the bit about “STUPIDEST KING IN ALL THE LAND!” Everyone, even King Richard, are finally laughing away and having a good time until the very Varys looking eunich shouts out that the king is stupid “enough to be blind not to know his wife is getting it on with the jester!” Obviously this is another moment of revelation for the king, and it brings the party to an end, with Richard ordering Gareth to kill the eunich.

The King’s party ends rather abruptly and unhappily, whereas Galavant ends up having a good time. As polar opposite as their gatherings end up being, it seems that maybe Galavant and Richard aren’t all that different from one another. They both want the same woman and they are both in denial.

As Gal and Dick (yeah, I said it) both continue to yearn for Madalena’s love, it leads us into the second episode of the evening, “Comedy Gold” — in which King Richard seeks comedic help from the Jester. He thinks that if he can just be more funny, like the Jester, Madalena will pay more attention to him, and love him. This allows for a wonderful vaudevillian style number, a la Bing & Bob in ‘The Road To…’ movies. We also learn that Gareth considers himself funny with possibly one of the filthiest jokes ever told (that he learned from his mother)– but it’s bleeped out. It was absolutely one of the highlights of the evening.


“And hey, I guess it’s stuck…?” Hugh Bonneville in Galavant

The second half hour seemed a little more like filler rather than actual story. Galavant, Isabella, and Sid are once again on the road to Valencia, only to be slowed down when they’re captured by The Pirate King (Hugh Bonneville of Downton Abbey) and his band of merry, land-locked pirates. Despite their complaints of each other’s flaws, and through a small series of hilarious mishaps, a catchy Sesame Street-like song (“Together”), the gang learn to work together to overcome the pirates and use them to their advantage.

When I say that the second half-hour felt like filler, I meant it! But a good filler that still made me laugh. I could sum it up with King Richard wants to be funny like the Jester, and the Scooby gang is captured by Lord Grantham, and that is basically all that happened. Apart from one specific tidbit: the Jester calls it off with Madalena. While that is mainly the most necessary scene in the second episode, the first half hour was pretty packed with important moments in the Galavant timeline. IE: The similarities between Richard and Gal, Richard having his obliviousness regarding his wife and the Jester pointed out, Galavant realizing how high his horse had gotten, etc.

But where does this leave us? Galavant, Isabella, and Sid are still traveling, now with pirates in tow, and the King finally has Madalena to himself….or does he?

And who actually conquered Valencia? Was it really King Richard? Does he really seem like the sort of evil, mastermind, genius to overthrow a kingdom? Not exactly. Who conquered Valencia, then?? Was it Gareth? So why isn’t he the king? Or is King Richard like Tyrion Lannister, and there’s a Tywin somewhere that conquers kingdoms and gives them to his children?

And can I pretend that Galavant and Richard are secretly brothers?? Is “Two Balls” really a metaphor for Galavant and Richard??

Alright. Before I go down too dark a path, I’ll leave you to it!

Who do you think conquered Valencia?? How did the kingdom end up in King Richard’s hands? And did you enjoy this week’s episode?

Did you like last week more than this week, or vice-versa?

Did you catch all of those Game of Thrones and Monty Python references?

Would you like to see a season two? I know I sure would, and hey! Next week brings us Xanax the wizard, played by Ricky Gervais (Derek, Extras, The Office), so let’s keep watching together!




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