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#BingeReport: ‘Hart of Dixie’

I have a binge confession: I binged all 66 episodes of Hart of Dixie in 13 days. I don’t know if that’s an accomplishment or an addiction but since we’re a TV site, I will consider this an accomplishment 😉 Thank you Netflix!

As you know, I’m more of a genre-watching girl. Arrow, Agents of Shield, Lost, Star Trek… I think the last time I watched a small town show like this I was a freshman in college, and the shows were ‘Everwood’ and ‘One Tree Hill’. That was a long time ago.


Since then I haven’t gotten into too many romantic shows. I put on the Hart of Dixie pilot simply because I love watching pilots. I’m writing a pilot right now, so watching pilots is like homework for me. I popped on the Dixie pilot (having only seen one episode before) and expected to turn it off a few scenes in. But then something interesting happened: I immediately fell in love with it.

I love the how the writers set up the whole show in it’s first episode. Zoe (Rachel Bilson) has just graduated from medical school, her whole career is ahead of her, she’s in love, she’s living in New York, and then bam, everything falls apart. Within minutes she’s getting on a bus and moving to Alabama. When she gets to Alabama she meets the handsome George Tucker (Scott Porter), is hated by the town, delivers a baby, and makes out with her neighbor Wade (Wilson Bethel). Normally when I watch a pilot on Netflix I finish it, then watch another pilot, skipping around Netflix like sampling chocolate at a candy store. But something about Hart of Dixie hooked me. It hooked me good. I don’t know if it was the Southern charm, the well-timed music (a la The CW) or the fact that town lawyer George Tucker was just so darn attractive, something forced me to keep watching it… and keep watching it… and keep watching it… until it consumed the 33 or so hours it took me to watch it.

The show centers around roughly seven main characters:
Zoe (Rachel Bilson), George (Scott Porter), Wade (Wilson Bethel), Lemon (Jaime King), Mayor Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams), Annabeth Nass (Kaitlyn Black) and Lemon’s dad Brick (Tim Matheson). Each character brings a charm to the story that is unmatched by other dramedy shows. Personally, I love Lemon, Wade and George the most; here’s why:

Lemon Breeland: Played by Jaime King

Lemon is a classic Southern Belle. Get on her good side and she will defend you with her life. Get on her bad side and she will blacklist you faster than you can say ‘sweet home Alabama’. Jaime King has created an incredible character in Lemon. She is the type of character you love to hate. Season one she is feisty, controlling, and quite out of her mind. Season two and season three Lemon is softer, kinder, and more vulnerable. Watching this character transform into a powerful yet kind woman is beautiful to watch. I also love Lemon’s accent and her entire wardrobe. I find myself quoting her a lot when I’m talking to myself. She just has so much sass, and it’s great to channel that sometimes.

Wade Kinsela: Played by Wilson Bethel

Wade is a classic Southern playboy. Livin’ by his own rules, sleeping with whomever he wishes, walking around with no shirt, and no cares… Wade is a total stud, but his life is a mess. No direction, no future, and no intention of settling down. He is the bad boy of Bluebell. What I love about Wade is that Wilson brings such a natural and funny charm to his character. That boyish smile you love, that face you can’t stay mad at. Through these three seasons Wade grows up, opens his own business, even learns how to be monogamous. I really enjoyed his character arc and am curious to see where they take his character in season four.

George Tucker: Played by Scott Porter

George George George. What can I say… He’s sweet, courteous, pleasant, funny, good looking, charming, and always stays positive. Season one George was perfection. He was caught in a fantastic love triangle with Lemon and Zoe, he was best friends with everyone, and everything was going well for him. Due to an unforeseen snag in his life plans (I won’t spoil it for anyone) he goes on two personal journeys in season two and season three. George, at the end of season three, is torn between the women he loves. He has had time to build a business, get healed up from some past hurts, and is finally realizing who he truly loves. If you were a fan of Jason Street in Friday Night Lights you’ll love George.

If you are looking for a fun to show binge on Netflix, I highly recommend this show. It’s charming, it’s funny… it’s a great “town drama” episode of the week kind of show. The first three seasons are on Netflix and it’s first episode of season four aired early, on December 15th. Hart of Dixie comes back January 9th to the CW.

#BingeReport by @Lauren_Gallaway



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2 comments on “#BingeReport: ‘Hart of Dixie’

  1. Rawan Ita
    January 1, 2015

    Just started watching this show and i absolutely love it! Rachel Bilson is so charming!

    • laurengallaway
      January 1, 2015

      It’s really fun, isn’t it! Thanks for commenting! I love that it’s like a sitcom/romcom!

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