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‘Agents of Shield’ Skye’s Dad, Team Coulson, & More

MING-NA WENCan we talk about tonight’s episode of Agents of Shield? O. M. G. What a fantastic episode with a gutting cliffhanger! I don’t know if you felt this way, but to me Agents of Shield tonight felt like a movie. For this recap, I’m going to highlight some big moments and what my predictions are about the winter finale.

Skye’s Dream

Skyes MomThe opening scene of Skye’s dream was really crazy. Skye was in a flower dress (like Raina), it looked like she was in the lab where Whitehall operated on her mom, May and Coulson were the Shield agents that found her, Coulson was holding a Chinese newspaper, Skye could hear music, and her hands burned when she touched it. It’s hard to say how much of this was symbolic of the truth, and how much was symbolic of Skye’s fears. We know her father wants to use her to open the temple, and Skye probably thinks she’ll die if she touches the Diviner. She saw herself in a flower dress in Whitehall’s lab… Maybe that was just to confirm to us that the woman from the previous episode is her mom. She sees May and Coulson like pseudo parents, parents who rescued her but knew she was a monster… It’s all a lot to take in, and Skye doesn’t even know the whole truth yet.

Skye and Raina

Raina finally got some one-on-one time with Skye tonight. I feel like Raina has been wanting to talk to Skye since she told Ward about Skye’s dad. We finally got the scoop on how Raina and Skye’s dad met: he took her in when she was young. Raina also revealed that Skye is not an alien. She is special–somehow connected to the ‘Blue Angels’ aka the Kree–but she is not an alien. We kind of knew this already, but it’s good to hear someone finally say it.

Skye and Ward

Skye and MayWard played his hand very, very well when he coerced Skye into leaving the plane with him and Raina. Good people will always go with a bad guy if he threatens to kill everyone. It’s obvious Ward was under orders from Skye’s father, because later we find out Whitehall had nothing to do with taking Skye. Sometimes I forget how much Whitehall knows. He doesn’t know that ‘The Doctor’ is the husband of the woman he tortured, he doesn’t know that they are the parents of someone on Coulson’s team, and he doesn’t know that his new pet Hyrda boy, Ward, is in love with her. It’s quite a wicked web and somehow Daniel Whitehall has no clue about any of it.

So, where does that leave us with Skye?

  • Skye is human
  • Skye is heading towards the temple
  • Skye is about to meet her dad
  • Skye is in the hands of Ward
  • She will be used to open the temple next week

I do not trust Skye in the hands of two psychopaths: Ward and her father.

Fitz and Simmons

Fits and Simmons are breaking my heart. If they don’t reconcile fast, I will feel terribly shafted from what the writers built up to in Season One. Why would they give us such fantastically close characters, only to demolish them in Season Two…. Anyways, in tonight’s episode we finally got some clarity about how Simmons feels about Fitz. She loves him–as her best friend. ‘It all happened so quickly,’ she said, as she remembered Fitz telling her how he felt, then blowing the airlock in the underwater container. Simmons said Fitz’s coma was the longest nine days of her life… Simmons tries to tell Fitz how she feels, but he cuts her off, telling her that he is giving up the lab to work in the garage with Mack. They’ve started talking to each other, but they both have so much to say. I hope they get to next week.

Coulson and his Team

Mack Mockingbird CoulsonCoulson, Mack, Simmons, Fitz and Mockingbird have found a way into the mysterious alien city. The city appears to be in Puerto Rico, which means it’s a good chance it is the Inhumans city of Attilan. See my post about that here. Attilan was once in the location of Atlantis, or the Bremuda Triangle, which they did mention in this episode. Some scary things happen while Team Coulson is there. The scariest, is them losing Mack. Mack falls through the hole in the ground and touches an alien language pad. When he touches it, a mark is burned into his hand and he goes crazy. Mack’s eyes get really dark and he starts throwing people around with his super strength. Bobbi is forced to take him down, but when she does, he falls into the hole again. Coulson orders his team to seal the hole and blow it. He’s afraid whatever is affecting Mack has taken him, permanently.

So where does this leave us with Team Coulson?

  • Whitehall ordered the bus to be shot down, which would destroy May, Tripp, Hunter, and the twins
  • Coulson wants to destroy the city, but I think Ward will stop him
  • Mockingbird is keeping a secret from Hunter, but Mack knows what it is
  • Skye, Ward, Raina, and Skye’s dad are on their way to meet up with Coulson

This could spell a lot of danger, for everyone. How is the bus going to survive Whitehall’s shot?

Closing Thoughts

BillyThis might be the most intense episode of Agents of Shield I have ever seen (not counting the Hydra reveal episodes that book-ended Captain America: The Winter Soldier.) I have never been more emotionally involved in the reconciliation of two characters (FitzSimmons), nor have I been more looking forward to the big reveal of the city and the temple (hopefully Inhumans Attilan). This season has been full of crazy twists and turns, with the episode one death of three Shield agents, the reveal and death of Ward’s brother Christian, and the Red Skull connections to Daniel Whitehall, Skye’s mom, and everyone’s favorite Agent Carter. It’s weird to think that the city will be revealed next week. A big reveal like this would usually come during a season finale. I think it’s great we get it so soon, and it just proves that it pays to not drag out a storyline over an entire season! That makes me wonder what’s next for team Coulson in the latter half of this season in the spring.

The Agents of Shield winter finale airs next Tuesday December 9th @ 9pm on ABC.

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