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Gotham Episode 10 and Why I Am Taking a Brief Break


Gothamites, welcome to the Fall Finale! I have thought long and hard about my decision to stop, albeit only briefly, writing the weekly reviews for Gotham. In an embarrassment of riches, I very recently was, quite frankly, handed a job as an assistant editor for a brief spell on season one of Gotham. I thought I could still do the review but after starting work this past Friday, as much as I love writing my weekly review of Gotham, I think that it is better for all if I just take a hiatus. I am personally working on Episode 14, which will not air until next year but I also have seen all the episodes up until that one and I do not want to slip up and get confused and divulge information that you should not know yet. Plus, since they are paying me, I really should be way less judgmental! That being said, I did just watch Episode 10 (“Lovecraft”), for the second time, in fact, and I did really enjoy it. I think it is a huge upswing in the momentum. However, It doesn’t pack a huge cliff hangery punch like you would expect in a fall finale but it was an engaging episode throughout.

On a personal note, never did I believe that being a lifelong Batman fan would pay off in any kind of professional manner. I still don’t believe that it is possible but somehow I have hit the job jackpot. I am surrounded by Batman and images of Gotham City and I am as giddy a fangirl as they come. I carry a small batman figure with me to every job and I actually said to him, (yes, I talk to them because they are real, don’t judge me) “you are going to get to go home for a few weeks” Believe me, even though this is just a temporary assignment on the show, I am going to take it all in and appreciate every second of it!

I promise I will be back, most likely with Episode 12 in January. Don’t stop watching and If you want to discuss the show in a non-spoiler-y manner, I’ll be around! StephersRG


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