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Gotham Episode 9 – “Harvey Dent”


I honestly do not know how to feel about this episode. On the one hand, this episode introduces one of my favorite Batman characters, Harvey Dent. On the other hand, Harvey Dent (played by Nicholas D’Agosto) had barely more to do than Selina Kyle in the episode named after her. In fact, Selina had a much bigger part in this one than Harvey Dent. None of that makes sense to me! On with the show…!

The police case this week involves a bomber, Ian Hargrove, that was broken out of the Blackgate prison transport vehicle by some Russian thugs working for Fish Mooney. She wants to use Ian to hurt Falcone and nothing hurts him more, apparently, than having his money stolen. Ian is not a killer, he just has mental problems, according to his brother. This proves true when Ian places a clue in the first bomb he is forced to build by these russian hooligans. Jim and Harvey figure out this case quite easily. Fish Mooney had a Plan B in place in case the police arrived, which they did, and blew up the truck, killing the russian mafia guys. Ian made it out alive and by the end of the episode, he is taken to the newly reopened Arkham Asylum for “proper care”.

Selina and Bruce bond quite a bit in this episode. Jim takes Selina (I still won’t call her Cat and I am sure no one else does either) to the Wayne Manor for protection because she still claims that she saw the Wayne killer. Jim gets a sketch out of her but no one recognizes the man, not even Harvey Dent. So Selina goes and hangs out with Bruce and Alfred. Bruce and Selina talk about mothers, Selina gets mad, talks like a 1950s street kid (“You think you’re ruthless? Well, ya ain’t”), they have a food fight and Selina promises Bruce kisses. Alfred decides to let Selina stay because she “is a breath of fresh air”. Just a side note, with all the food the Wayne Manor likely has in it, Selina prefers to walk around with a milk bottle.

We meet Harvey Dent outside the courthouse talking to a wayward teen and flipping his coin. Harvey reveals his double headed coin to Jim and that is their meet-cute! Jim shows Harvey the sketch from Selina and Harvey comes up with some weird convoluted plan to entrap whomever the killer is by bringing in Dick Lovecraft. We have never met this guy and I somehow feel like this part of the story was discussed behind closed doors before we arrived. I have no idea what Dick Lovecraft has to do with anything but Harvey brings him in and we see the dark side of Harvey for a minute. Nicholas D’Agosto does a good job with the white prince version of Harvey but the dark Harvey seemed a little much and out of place. I am a little curious about what they have in store for Harvey and if he, in fact, is meant to become two-face this early on. Only time will tell!

Oswald was barely featured this week. He decided to go spy on Liza. He steals an article of clothing and smells the lilacs. Then when he goes to confront Mooney, she is wearing the same lilac scent. He now knows that Liza is spying on Falcone. Fish and Oswald together make the whole episode, as usual. My favorite Oswald this week was to Fish, “I’m sorry you are still grumpy with me”. He meant it too! Oswald confronts Liza and now she knows that he knows and that she is good as dead.


  • I could not be anymore annoyed with the Barbara and Rene scene at the end of this episode. So she supposedly leaves Gotham because she does not feel safe but only goes as far as Rene’s bed inevitably setting up a love triangle. Barbara is just the worst and they are making Rene the worst alongside her.
  • The newly opened Arkham Asylum has some potential
  • Harvey Bullock got to be a good cop this week. I really enjoy watching Donal Logue playing Harvey Bullock and I really hope he gets to do that more.
  • I hope Dick Lovecraft is actually a new power player in town because the power struggle aspect of this show is what seems to work best story-wise. He could possibly be a Dr. Lovecraft easter egg (an old DC villain that battle the justice league) but probably not.
  • Barbara Gordon is the worst.

That is all for this week. This was not my favorite episode but I still see so much potential in this show so I refuse to give up. Maybe I am like Jim Gordon. I have hope in the city of Gotham! Join me next week for Episode 10, “Lovecraft”, which, according to this show’s M.O., will be an episode all about Ed Nygma. Let me know what you think! StephersRG


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