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Gotham Episode 8 – “The Mask”


Gotham City has it’s own creepy fight club and Bruce goes off to private school with the most adorable satchel ever! Welcome to Episode 8 everyone! After the improvement of last week’s episode I went into this episode with more excitement than I have had since the pilot. Sadly, I was underwhelmed. I should know better than to be too excited! On with the show!

The week Jim and Harvey draw a murder investigation that leads them to a strange, creepy fight club being run by the President of a financial firm. He forces the top candidates for the job to fight each other and last man standing, gets the job. One of these fights goes too far and a man dies with another man’s thumb in his throat. Jim and Harvey are now on the case, looking for a man missing a thumb. That’s it. That is the whole case of the week. No one really cares about the outcome because no one really cares about the case. However, it is notable that Harvey berated the other cops at the GCPD headquarters because none of them were willing to come to Jim’s aid. Oh, by the way, Jim went off by himself again and got into some trouble. I did really like Harvey rallying his fellow cops. He called Jim an “asshat” (always a way with words, Harvey), but pointed out that he is still a cop so deserves to be helped out of a jam. His rousing speech worked and all the cops got on board, including Alvarez, whom I am pretty sure we just met.

Now on to Oswald and the real meat of this show! Once again, this is the most interesting part of the show. I have come to the point where I am not even really watching the case of the week. This week I was buying art online until Oswald showed up! The interesting story is this mob turf war in which Oswald is places the chess pieces right where he wants them. Oswald makes an attempt to reconcile with Fish. He presents her with a brooch, one he took off of an unsuspecting Gothamite, but her response is to stab Oswald in the hand with it. Oswald decides to give the brooch to his mother instead, after Fish licks the blood off, if course! We are introduced to Timothy, who is the new umbrella holder that replaced Oswald. Timothy is dead by the end of the episode, dead by Oswald’s hand after he got some crucial information out of him. Oswald now knows that Fish has a woman on the inside, spying on Falcone. But he does not yet know that this woman calls Fish “momma”. I think Oswald would not approve.

Bruce goes to private school now. I was charmed by Bruce trying to convince Alfred that home schooling was just as effective. I hear you Bruce, that school looks stuck up! Sure enough, there are the meanest kids ever who make fun of Bruce for having dead parents. The worst of the bunch, Tommy, seems particularly sociopathic when he wants to know more about the blood and what it looked like. Interesting to note, Tommy is the name of Bruce’s childhood friend who later becomes the villain, Hush, in the comics of the same name (my favorite Batman story ever). I wonder if these two will now become friends. Alfred took Bruce over to Tommy’s house and let Bruce punch Tommy in the face a few times. Bruce is now ready for Alfred to teach him how to fight, and also a pizza.


  • It seems like Barbara is leaving Jim. Goodbye, don’t get captured.
  • Selina Kyle makes a quick appearance tonight. She was smuggling some fancy furs out of the sewer right in front of some cops. She ends up in Jim’s hair again at the end of the episode. I think she might have a crush. What is the point of her? Someone just tell me.
  • I enjoyed Todd Stashwick (Heroes, The RichesJustified and everything else ever) as the Mask/Richard Sionis. He didn’t do a whole lot but I just really like him. I also welcomed another small scene with Carol Kane playing Oswald’s mom. She is the creepiest and I LOVE it.
  • Harvey and Jim are starting to work together really well and it makes me happy.

Overall this episode was a bit slow but not a total step back. I just hope that the case of the week can somehow interest me as much as the rest of it, or else they just forget that all together! I would be perfectly happy with a case that took longer to solve. Give me some kind of overarching story. This show is not a great police procedural so it should stick to what it is better at, characters. Do I dare get excited for next week? Join me for “Harvey Dent” next Monday! Tell me what you think! StephersRG


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