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When Does ‘Outlander’ Come Back?

When does Outlander come back again? This is the question on everyone’s minds these days. It’s a funny question, because just a few months ago we were asking “When does Outlander premier?”

Well, now we have a date: April 4th. Before you start counting just how many days we have between now and then (it’s a big scary number), let’s remember something fantastic: we can keep re watching episodes, listen to podcasts, read blogs, and read more of the books

That’s right. We may not get to see the stunning Caitriona Balfe, the unstoppable Sam Heughan, and the ever dubios Tobias Menzies on our screens for a few months, but we can immerse ourselves in their characters, their costumes, and all the behind-the-scenes goodies available to us on the internet.

Here are some ways to pass the time since the Outlander mid-season finale:

Listening to Outlander Podcasts

The Official Outlander Podcast

This podcast is run by Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore and his amazing wife, Outlander Costume Designer Terry Dresbach.

This podcast is amazing because it’s essentially Ron and Terry recording commentary tracks for each episode. Usually we would have to wait until the DVD comes to out to hear first hand episode accounts from the cast and crew, but through the podcast, we get it now!

For example, I have learned SO MUCH about the making of Outlander by listening to this podcast! Ron shares amazing insights about what it was like to film in Scotland, what scenes were certain actors screentests (ahem, Sam’s screentest was a post coital scene from The Wedding), and so much more.

Terry designed all of the costumes on the show, so she gives an episode play by play about what everyone is wearing. The Outlander costume department made almost every single costume on this show – even the red coat outfits, which are normally rented (they had to be made because Ron doesn’t like the typical striking apple red of other period red coat outfits).

Terry and her team have put so much love and detail into these costumes. Did you know they wove metal and mica stone into Claire’s wedding dress? Did you know that Jaime’s Fraser tartan, though different from the book, is meant to resemble the McKenzie tartan, because he is a part of that family, and that Terry added a red stripe running through it to echo back to the red Fraser tartan in the book? Oh yes. Terry doesn’t miss a beat!

Reading Outlander Blogs

Terry Dresbach’s Blog

Terry shares her costume insights on the podcast, but can only do so briefly. She can, on the other hand, go into great depth on her personal blog. Terry has been posting photos, stories and q&a’s on her blog during the run of Outlander.The photos she posts are absolutely stunning!

If you like to interact with other Outlander readers, Terry has set up a forum on her blog as well. There are spoiler free zones, book readers zones, and places to ask Terry specific questions about the costumes on the show.

These are just two ways I’ve been keeping myself busy while I wait for Outlander to come back. Stay tuned for more #OutlanderHiatus posts and suggestions! @Lauren_Gallaway


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