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Gotham Episode 7 – “Penguin’s Umbrella”


Greetings Gothamites! Welcome to the first show in a month where I did not check my phone to pass the time for the entire episode. I would call that a marked improvement over the last month of episodes. This episode feels to me like a step in the right direction to make this show worth watching. Guess what, it was an episode that focused on storytelling and not dependent on a procedural case to solve. What a concept! Tonight’s episode also cements the scene stealing prowess of Robin Lord Taylor, the best part of this show, hands down. What trouble did good old Cobblepot cause this week? Here we go.

This episode picks up right where we left off last week, in the GCPD, with Oswald making his grand entrance to show everyone that Jim Gordon did not, in fact, kill him. Robin Lord Taylor just shines as Penguin. I feel like the improvement in this week’s episode has a lot to do with the fact that we get a whole episode dedicated to the Penguin and are spared ridiculous moments with undeveloped side characters (I am looking right at you Selina Kyle, and don’t think you are off the hook either Ed Nygma). Taylor even gets a chance to do a studly walk with his umbrella followed by two henchmen just to solidify his status as a total “G”. Although it was admittedly a bit odd that Oswald could just walk out of the police station after making his grand entrance. I guess the cops were too busy fighting to care.

With the return of Oswald, Jim knows he is in serious trouble. He send Barbara away (but of course she comes back and gets captured because she is the worst) so he can finish a few things in Gotham. After sending her away, he returns to the police station as if nothing happened goes about his day. Falcone sends Victor Zsasz to collect Jim and after Victor politely asks all the cops to leave, which they do because Victor is pretty scary, he and Jim have a showdown in the garage. Jim gets shot a couple times and is about to get captured when Allen and Montoya screech in to save the day. Finally, Montoya gets to do something cool! Victor Zsasz wins in this battle if you are counting creepy points as he carves a line in his arm for every kill he gets. He has a lot of lines… Jim is patched up by some random doctor in a rat lab that we have never seen before and is on his way before the next commercial.

Since there is thankfully no case of the week, the rest of this episode is dedicated to all the head honchos, Falcone, Maroni, Mooney, and Cobblepot all trying to outwit each other and get the upper hand. Oswald seems to be in complete control, even killing Maroni’s number 2 guy (who did not trust Oswald at all by the way). All the players are up to something and I look forward to finding out where the chess pieces go. We also get a late in the game flashback with Oswald and Falcone that is interesting, fills in some missing backstory from the Pilot episode and clears up exactly what it is Oswald is doing. He agrees to give Falcone information and if he lets him live, he will infiltrate Maroni and become a snitch for Falcone. Essentially, it seems to me that Oswald is in complete control of the coming mafia war, as he should be! Although not perfect, this episode was a vast improvement over the last 4 episodes. I was expecting to make jokes about it again in my review but instead I am doing a slow clap. Well done, Gotham


  • The quality of the episodes are directly proportionate to the amount of screen time Oswald has. There is a scientific formula for it and everything. You can’t argue with science.
  • Fish wins for dumbest words spoken with the line “I don’t know chickens”. It was a refreshing break to be able to skip a week of Fish and I know we need her but sometimes, sometimes. I did enjoy the showdown between Fish and Oswald, with Fish glaring and Oswald with that ever so smirky smile.
  • Second place for dumbest words spoke also goes to Fish with “snitches get stitches”. Fish is trying to get Maroni to hand over Oswald but he admits to liking the little guy. All Fish could come up with is “snitches get stitches”?
  • At the top of the episode, Harvey and Jim get into a fist fight and Harvey ends up on the ground. He says that he will kill Jim if he sees him again. About 30 minutes later, Harvey is knocking on Jim’s door, lady of the night in tow, ready to work with Jim. That seems like a pretty quick turnaround. But, I do have to say, I enjoy Jim and Harvey together so I am glad that they did not keep them separated for multiple episodes.
  • Alfred is a total badass and puts Allen in a headlock. Go Alfred!
  • Fish, after all those bad lines, gets to call Oswald a “scaly bitch” and she just goes for it.
  • I hope that this is a sign of things to come, more Oswald, less of everyone else. I don’t need every episode crammed with easter eggs and younger versions of future villains. Keep doing what is working!

That is about it for this week. I’ll be back next week for Episode 8 “The Mask”. Hopefully that episode will continue the upswing! What did you think of tonight’s Episode? Let me hear it! StephersRG


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