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And Then This Happened… Week of October 31


Happy Halloween (Nerdoween?) and welcome to the weekly round-up! Man, I wish something interesting happened this week. Anything at all. I just can’t think of anything, other than all that Marvel news! I guess I have to talk about that then!


Not to be outdone by DC’s huge announcements a couple of weeks back, Marvel unleashed the entire Phase 3 plan at a presentation in Los Angeles on October 28. Marvel big guy, Kevin Feige gave us the dates and titles of all the movies coming up through 2019. He also confirmed (but surprised no one) the Civil War storyline and also the Infinity Wars story line. There were not that many surprises but a few snuck in there for me. Captain Marvel is definitely a surprise but apparently a Carol Danvers movie has been in place for a while. Casting is CRUCIAL for this movie. Are you listening to me? Please keep Carol as Carol. I love Carol the way she is, and so should you! I was a little surprised about Black Panther (but in a good way) but mostly I am surprised by how much people all of a sudden care about Doctor Strange! Here is the full slate that was announced on Tuesday:


I feel like Black Widow and Hawkeye got the raw end of this deal. As much as I adore Captain Marvel, I would have put money down on Black Widow taking the first solo female superhero slot. Sure, technically she is not a superhero but she is fucking cool and a badass spy and deserves the respect as such! Hawkeye is starring in his own solo book right now that just so happens to be one of the absolute best books on the shelf so I am disappointed not to see where they could have taken him in the cinematic universe but I will be patient. He will get his turn! Regardless of this little rant, I am super excited about the plethora of superhero movies we have waiting for us! As more information is released about these movies, we will update you here on the site!


If there is a show you love on television, now is the time you should definitely watch, rewatch, tell your friends to watch because ABC has drawn first blood and axed Manhattan Love Story, a not so good sitcom in which we the audience would hear what the main characters were thinking. It didn’t work. I watched a couple of episodes in order to see Kurt Fuller but sadly, he was not even close to enough to make this one worth watching. Unfortunately, this may open the floodgates for some other new Fall shows to hit the chopping block. I fear for Selfie, a really endearing show that takes a few minutes to get into but is totally worth it. I recommend giving that one a try before it’s too late!

*This JUST in: Lauren just texted me to tell me that NBC has killed both A to Z AND Bad Judge, both of which have been on the bubble since day one. NBC will air all 13 episodes of both of these shows but then that is it. Watch them now while you still can! Three shows down, hopefully your show is not on the list and will stay off this dreaded “cancelled” list.


NEW BOOK! AMY POEHLER! Yes, Please came out on Tuesday and it looks amazing. I have not had a chance to read it but I picked it up and the pages are all smooth and glossy and there is no reason to think that the words on those pages will feel just as smooth and glossy as the pages! “Equal parts memoir and self-help” (as described by the Huffington Post reviewer), this book will most likely provide me with life lessons and a hearty round of laughter. Pick your copy up today at places where they sell books. I sure there is an online version too but, I promise you, these pages are smooooooth.

images      nightcrawler-poster

Two movies open this weekend, Horns, just in time for Halloween, and Nightcrawler (not Halloween themed but dark and slightly creepy nonetheless. Horns is a supernatural thriller based on the novel written by Joe Hill and starring Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple. I read this book earlier this year and trust me, if the movie is anywhere near as off the rocker as the book, there is no other movie like this out there! I plan on going to see this over Halloween weekend for sure. Here is the trailer:

Nightcrawler stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom, an oddball guy who happens into the high octane cutthroat underbelly of Los Angeles crime journalism. I saw this movie last night and it is FANTASTIC. Lou drives around all night listening to police scanners looking for crime to videotape. This movie was filmed at night all around Los Angeles and it is a suspenseful nail biter of a film, totally engaging from start to finish. Jake Gyllenhaal gives a true breakout performance and I hope that he gets the respect he deserves now. If this movie is playing near you, I give it a “highly recommend”! Here is the trailer.

That’s going to be it for today. I know there is so much more but it is Halloween and I want to see about some tricks! If you are in the Los Angeles area this weekend, come on down to Stan Lee’s Comikaze and check out some comics and art and toys. I am personally on the hunt for the Comic Book Men and the Goddess Brienne of Tarth, scheduled to appear! See you all next week. Let me know what kind of pop culture shenanigans you get into! StephersRG


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