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Benched Premiere – Tuesday Night is for Laughs!


In between my viewings of The Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I wanted to take an action break and see what else was on the television. This is when you find some gems, when you aren’t looking for anything in particular! In an already stacked night of very good television shows, USA has thrown their newest single camera comedy hat into the ring with Benched, co-created by the fabulous Michaela Watkins. Benched is a legal work-place comedy starring Eliza Coupe and Jay Harrington with a high per capita of jokes and a lot of potential.

Eliza Coupe plays Nina, a ball busting high powered (yet surprisingly relatable) corporate attorney poised and positioned to make partner. She finds out her former fiance, Trent (best lame duck name ever), is engaged to someone else and a different, bigger breasted woman is taking her partner slot. Nina has a classic and hilarious complete meltdown in the office (think Laura Dern in Enlightened, and if you have not seen Enlightened, do it now) and quits her job but not before the elevator fails to close and her now ex-coworkers are standing around and glaring at her. NIna takes a job with the chaotic public defenders’ office. This is where she meets Phil, (Jay Harrington) and her other co-workers played by the amazing Oscar Nunez (The Office) and Maria Bamford (hilarious stand-up and all around funny person). Of course, her first day in court puts her against Trent who can “charm the judges’ panties off” and the first episode is Nina trying to acclimate to her new surrounds and trying to get that one win against Trent.

Eliza Coupe has been in two shows that I love (Scrubs, Happy Endings) and she does great in the lead here. She is a little toned down from her Happy Endings character but her physical comedy is top notch. All the supporting cast previously mentioned plus a very funny turn by Reno 911‘s Cedric Yarbrough as an I don’t care at all bailiff make this show one to watch. It is a funny workplace comedy with jokes a plenty and a lot of heart and energy.

Between Benched airing at 10:30 on USA and Marry Me, still holding strong, airing at 9 on NBC, there are options on Tuesday nights if you need a break from (or between episodes of) all the superhero stuff, if you just want some good belly laughs, give these two shows a try. I personally like laughing! Are you watching? StephersRG


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