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‘Agents of Shield’ – Ward’s Brother

Alright Agents, tonight we got to watch Hunter and Morse in action, Coulson come face to face with Ward’s sadistic Senator brother, and Fitz make everyone cry all over again (myself included).

I must say tonight’s little break from Raina and Daniel Whitehall was refreshing. There are more Hyrda threats out there, and I like seeing the team go to foreign locales like Japan and Belgium to take some of them out.

How many of you were surprised Ward was getting moved out of the basement tonight? Not me. I knew at some point he would either escape or be let out. Speaking of Ward. Is anyone else feeling any sympathy for him at this point? If what he said about his brother is true, he could be in a world of hurt if he is forced to go back to his brother.

Remember in our Ward flashback episode in season one, “Ragtag,” where Ward tells Garrett his parents are pressing charges, that they want to try him as an adult for burning down the house? And in “The Well,” where Ward recounts how his older brother, forced him to harm his little brother? Honestly, I’m a bit worried that Senator Ward played Coulson, that everything the senator said was a lie… but then again, Coulson is usually twelve steps ahead of everyone, so maybe Coulson knew Ward would escape. Either way, those were some tense scenes. It’s so hard to tell who is really lying and who is really telling the truth?

bobbi morse

I LOVED the scenes with Agent Morse. Oh man. She and Hunter were in total sync, taking those bad guys out with leg swipes and super jumps. I am a big fan of her character so far, especially because I feel like our stunt meter just doubled in size. Between Bobbi and Agent May, we’ve got crazy stunts going on in every episode now! I mean, how sick was that swinging knife fight between May and that Hydra agent? WOW!

Onto Fitz. If Simmons leaves again she will absolutely break my heart. Why on earth would these writers make them so close in season one, only to pull them apart so painfully in season two? I understand that the trauma is taking it’s toll on both Fitz and Simmons, but they are best friends—I hope they can work everything out. If they can’t, I will be devastated. Their friendship has always been so fun and fresh and endearing—I really love them.

from pulp to pop

Next week there is no new Shield episode. Most shows take little hiatuses during a holiday week and Halloween is no exception. But just because there’s no Shield doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be watching ABC next week. Why? Because they will be airing a Marvel special called Marvel 75 Years: From Pulp to Pop.” This special will feature footage of Marvel comics and films, interviews, and special guest appearances. With all the news that Marvel dropped today, you don’t want to miss it!

Speaking of Marvel news: For those of you who had to work or missed the live Marvel event this morning, Marvel unveiled the films titles and release dates for all of Phase 3, including Captain America 3, Thor 3, Black Panther and more! It was an incredible morning! I am so glad I was able to see all the live updates on Twitter! Click here for a complete line up of the upcoming Marvel films.

Also, two clips aired during tonight’s episode of Agents of Shield: An extended scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron< and the first ever clip from Marvel’s Agent Carter!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you excited for Agent Carter? Comment below or shoot me a tweet! @Lauren_Gallaway!

Agents of Shield airs on ABC Tuesdays @ 9PM


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One comment on “‘Agents of Shield’ – Ward’s Brother

  1. Brittany Rene' Rivera
    December 3, 2014

    Adrianne Palicki has quickly become one of my favorite characters on this show, plus I just love how there are SO MANY great female characters on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D in general. I’m so sad Wonder Woman never happened, but she’s more than making up for it now!

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