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Gotham Episode 6 – “Spirit of the Goat”


Welcome to Gotham, where a homeless drunk guy on the docks pointing you out in a photo is enough of an eyewitness to get you arrested and marched through your own precinct! This past weekend, Lauren gave me an out and said I could pick a new show if I wanted to, but I said, “no way, I am sticking this out until the end”. I feel like someone is mocking me now and I should have taken the easy out! But just like the title character in this episode said, “you can never stop the goat, I will always come back.” So here we go!

This week, we get a lot more story focused on Harvey Bullock. It is definitely a welcomed changed of pace, as I was about to throw Fish Mooney over board and we are all fully aware of Oswald’s grand ambitions by now. Time for a change. This episode starts out with a flashback from ten years ago when a much more ambitious Harvey storms into a crime scene to catch “the Goat”, a serial killer that targets the first born of the Gotham City elite. His brash actions caused his partner (played by Dan Hedaya) to seriously injure himself. Harvey shoots and seemingly kills “the Goat”. Skip ahead ten years and there is a “copy goat” (I promise this is a direct quote. I would not come up with this myself) killing and Harvey is left scratching his beard trying to figure out how this could be possible. Nygma steps onto the scene with a riddle while the poor murdered woman is just hanging there. Ed Nygma is a classy guy, is what I always say!

The episode never fully recovers from Ed’s terrible murder crime scene riddle games ™. Harvey solves the crime (it involved a hypnotist shrink invading people’s minds so that they will kill for her as a way of “treating” Gotham by killing off the daughters of the 1%) but I feel like I am supposed to realize something about the past Harvey versus the present Harvey. Mostly I am just left with a bunch of quotes uttered by Harvey during the course of this 43 minute episode such as:

  • “deja voodoo”
  • “holy ghost on a bicycle”
  • and my favorite, “copy goat”

I was expecting a better written episode this time out because this one was written by none other than Ben Edlund, writer of some amazing episodes of television ranging from The Tick, Firefly, Supernatural, Angel all the way to Clone Wars and The Venture Brothers. This story however, fell flat and unraveled almost as soon as it started. The last five minutes picked up a bit with Oswald, once again, popping up in a doorway, this time the police station just as Jim and Harvey were being handcuffed for his murder, the eyewitness being the aforementioned homeless drunk guy. The episode ends abruptly with Jim and Harvey about to face off because Harvey thought Jim really did kill Oswald so now everyone is in a pickle!


  • I am taking this week’s break from Fish Mooney as a positive turn. Man, was I tired of her nonsense!
  • Oh goody, another scene this week with Barbara telling Jim he better tell her the truth. I actually wrote in my notes “oh good, a scene with Jim and Barbara” but I was being sarcastic.
  • So, what I am understanding from this show is the following: it is ok for Rene Montoya, a cop, to basically break into Barbara’s apartment to tell her what a bad guy her fiance is, but it is NOT ok for Barbara to talk to Rene Montoya on the steps, in public, to tell Rene that her husband is a stand up dude. Got it.
  • I think the doctor/shrink/murderer by proxy/vixen had the best diagnosis of all time when she said Mr Hastings, father of the deceased “copy goat” girl, had “a delicate nature”. I am pretty sure that was her official diagnosis.
  • Oswald took a bath at his mom’s and she gave him a little sponge bath and says “Just remember: you can trust no one. No one but your mother”, which can either be construed as creepy or quirky or maybe a little of both. But as weird as Oswald and Mama Cobblepot’s interaction may have been, it still does not top the weirdest scene in the whole episode, the scene with Nygma and Kristen Kringle arguing over some files being all awkward together. I think he is trying to flirt? Maybe?

I think that is pretty much it, guys! Not a whole lot to to this one. We are into our 6th week of Gotham and not much has changed. The problem so far has not been a Batman show with no Batman as I have heard many complain about. No, the real problem is that the writing is..well..not great. I am hoping for a turnaround soon and jolt of energy when Harvey Dent comes around! I’ll see you all back here next wee for Episode 7, called “Penguin’s Umbrella”. I like the sound of that! What did you think of the episode? Let me hear it! StephersRG


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