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And Then This Happened… Week of October 24th


So there is basically no way on Earth you are reading this and also simultaneously have not seen this teaser trailer at least once (but let’s be honest about the actual number, shall we), but it is just so damn good that, if it was me, I would watch this trailer on any website, any blog, any link that is presented to me. I have yet to say no and now you don’t have to either! Here is the “official” Marvel teaser for Avengers: Age of Ultron, due in theaters on May 1, 2015, a mere seven (yet very long) months away. We get our first good look at Ultron, the hulkbuster suit, and a shirtless Mark Ruffalo running through the snow, among all the other gems in there. There will be a new TV version making its broadcast debut on Tuesday during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which I am sure my co-writer, Lauren will cover extensively in her weekly AoS write-up!

Right? Watch again, I’ll wait… Basically there is nothing else in the world but this so you might as well watch again! I just had a co-worker come into my edit bay at work and ask me how many times I needed to watch “that thing” and I answered, “some more.”


Good news for fans of The Flash, which should read “good news for everybody”, a full season order is now, in no surprise but still happy news, official. Three episodes in and this show is proving to be the best new addition to my must see TV lineup on an already busy Tuesday night! The Flash fits in flawlessly with sister show Arrow and crossovers are in store that should be brilliant. The network housing The Flash also ordered a full season of Jane the Virgin, which I have not yet checked out but the billboards are all over LA and now that the show will be around at least until May, I will have to check it out. ABC recently added episode orders to a slew of their shows including How to Get Away With Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, Black-ish, Modern Family, and Once Upon a Time. One or two episodes may not seem like a lot but a two episode order brings the Grey’s Anatomy total for the season to a crazy sounding 24 episodes, an intense number for an hour long drama. In other really good TV news, TLC has canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo because of a sex offender scandal. (Sorry if that is your favorite show but I doubt you are reading to this point if it is)!

Lastly, in Arrow news, Vinnie Jones (Snatch, Galavant, X-Men Last Standis joining the already amazing cast as the villain Brick.


Brick is an invulnerable kingpin of crime in Starling City sure to give Ollie a handful in the three episodes he is slated to appear in. Danny “Brick” Brickwell was actually a name that appeared on Ollie’s list in an earlier season of Arrow. Side note, the character of Brick was co-created by none other than everyone’s favorite ex-Real World cast member, turned comic writer, Judd Winick (or maybe he is just mine), during his run on the comic version of Green Arrow, first appearing in issue #40 in 2004. Is that nerdy enough information for you? Moving on…


I just found out this morning that Marvel’s She-Hulk comic is in danger of cancellation. In fact, the end date has already been announced, January 2015, with issue #12. This is terrible news for people who love good comics! This comic has everything you could ever want, plus it’s fun and consistently solid month to month. The writer, Charles Soule, is just getting started and it would be a shame to yank this off the shelves three issues from now. If you are looking for something new to read, hit your local comic book store and pick up the trade of the first story arc, or even the 9 single issues if you can find them all and maybe there is still a chance to save this book. Jessica Walters is a superhero, she is, of course, She-Hulk. But this book is about so much more.  Jessica is a kick ass lawyer with clients like Captain America. This book incorporates effortlessly a wide range of Marvel characters such as the previously mentioned Cap, Ironman, Hellcat and Daredevil just to scrape the surface. The art is eye catching and bright and fantastic. Trust me, read this book. Maybe if we all put our minds to it, we can save this book from doom (or else Jessica might get angry…).


Tonight! The last of the slew of new comic book/superhero shows final arrives (minus the mini series Agent Carter that is planned to fill in the gap of the AoS hiatus) tonight on NBC at 10pm. I don’t know if I am excited or not, knowing almost nothing about John Constantine, save what I saw in the Keanu Reeves movie version and the character’s brief appearance in the Sandman comics. This incarnation of Constantine (Matt Ryan) looks fantastic. He looks like what I have seen in the comics and he is British, which always helps! I feel like I am interested in the character (question mark). That is to say, I like the idea of him. as far as the show goes, I have read, seen, or heard nothing about it so I am going in fully fresh and unformed. I am excited to watch a new show and what else is there to do on a Friday night?!


One last thing on a more personal note.. the web series I help edit the past couple of years, Sweethearts of the Galaxy,  is now up on Stan Lee’s YouTube channel, World of Heroes. I have not posted or talked about this project since it started but I wanted to give it a little plug now seeing as Stan Lee has put his name on something I worked on! He probably does not even know SoTG is even up on his channel but the fangirl in me does not even care! The first two episodes are up now and a new one will be posted every Friday, nine total. Below is the link to the first episode if you care to watch! It was a fun series to work on and a fun, quirky story about the joy and art of cosplaying and I hope more people get a chance to see it now!

That’s it for this week! Go watch that Avengers trailer again, no one will judge you here. I’ll see you next week and every day until then on twitter. StephersRG 


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