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‘Agents of Shield’ – Mockingbird

IMG_4536Tonight’s episode of Agents of Shield was intense. So intense I stopped breathing the entire time Raina was at the table with Coulson. All that kept going through my mind was, “What’s going to happen to Simmons? Is her cover going to get blown? And what about Skye? Is she going to burst into that restaurant just seconds before the timer winds down and agree to go with Raina?”

Nothing played out predictably tonight.

First off, Daniel Whitehall scares the crap out of me. I don’t blame Raina for being terrified. I would be too! Ugh. When he called out Simmons and forced her to say the Obelisk could be weaponized I wanted to be sick. And then her lab partner being excited over the prospect of killing people. That was so dark! This is why we don’t Hail Hydra people!

IMG_4535Then we saw the introduction of the stunning Adrianne Palicki. She looked amazing in that red coat, but what was she really doing there? Is she like Agent 33, brainwashed and complying to Hyrda? Is she a double agent, really working for Director Coulson? At first I couldn’t be sure…. That was until she busted out her ninja pipes and started beating guys down like Black Canary in Arrow! Wow! What a GREAT scene that was! Take that Hyrda baddies!

Oh, and that scene with Raina and Coulson. It was like watching to professionals play Russian Roulette with a loaded gun. They passed their coy niceties and threats around the table, but all I could hear was the “roll roll roll… click” of the Roulette gun. Fgunirst it was Coulson’s move. Then Raina’s. Then Coulson’s. Then Raina started that timer and we had to sit there, holding our breaths, watching that clock wind down while Simmon’s cover was about to be blown. How do you choose between protecting Simmon’s cover, and protecting Skye from her murderous father? Thank GOD Coulson had Mockingbird in place. But, of course he did. HE’S PAPA COULSON! He would never let anything bad happen to his Shield kids Simmons and Skye. Phew! Crisis averted!

So, Raina left the restaurant with no protection and no Skye. Skye tried to find her dad, but he bailed out. Now we know that Bobbi is Mockingbird AND Hunter’s ex wife… We got a very touching, but way too short, reunion between Fitz and Simmons (FINALLY – cue the tears!), and Dr. Whitehall got his precious Obelisk aka the Diviner. Oh! And Skye knows what the alien symbols are: a map.

This episode was so intense, and I loved how they didn’t play down the drama. Skye found out she was an alien and that her dad was a murderer all in one day. She was desperate for a Coul-hug. I would be too! It was really hard to watch May hold Skye back in the restaurant when she wanted to go after her dad…that was really good tough love on May’s part. “Coulson has a plan! I repeat, Coulson has a plan!”

What did you think of tonight’s episode? They still haven’t given us any clues on who or what Skye is…or what the Diviner is. My money is on infinity gems. We still have two more to find: the soul gem and the reality gem. The way the obelisk glows, and takes life, I think it’s the soul gem.


Well Shield fans, those are my thoughts for this week! Let me know what you thought in the comments below or on Twitter 😉 I’m here every week with my Shield recaps, and I’m always online somewhere, live tweeting something Marvel or DC related 😉

Tune in to Agents of Shield next week where we will get our first Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer!




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