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Gotham Episode 5 – “Viper”


Welcome back to Gotham, where you can get free drugs by plucking on a few guitar strings (or if you are a hobo or a prostitute), where the only guy capable of solving a mystery is a twelve year old orphan, and where Fish Mooney is the creepiest person around but also has the dumbest things to say. Now on with the show!

Week five on Gotham  and I really feel like we should know a lot more about our characters. Bruce Wayne and Oswald Cobblepot seem to be the only ones so far with any kind of story arc and that trend continued this week. Bruce got a lot more screen time and is starting to piece together the mystery of Wayne Enterprises and the Arkham Asylum. This show keeps yelling at us, “see, he will become a great detective. He will become the Batman”. But he is not Batman yet and I wish just a little bit that they would let that go because I am trying to defend this show as being viable WITHOUT Batman but the writers are not helping by forcing the future Batman down our gullets! Regardless, I found Bruce’s story interesting this week and his snooping around Wayne Enterprises shows us, the audience, that something definitely is amiss over there in that multi-billion dollar corporation (or at least amiss with Mathis, whom we met briefly tonight).

I cannot go any further without talking about Fish Mooney. What was she doing? The dialogue they gave Jada Pinkett Smith this week was actually making me cackle. I immediately started to think of this show as a comedy and that made everything better this week! So Fish is training the most boring person in the world for…something, to be some kind of weapon. I had no idea what Fish was trying to do other than say the dumbest things such as “You might be my baby girl, but I ain’t your mama. Not yet. You have to earn that”. WHAT? Jada to her credit goes all in and tries to sell this over the top character. Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much (like tonight). I had to endure several scenes of this “training” and my “what the hell is going on” noises until we get to the end of the episode. Then we see the adorable meet-cute with new weaponized version of the boring girl and Carmine Falcone. They share headphones. AWWWWWW, right? Fish has her pieces in place. Oh, and she is sleeping with Nikolai in secret, in case you care. I am glad she is getting some action because I bet Fish is an awful person when she is lonely.

The mystery of the week involved Viper, a predecessor to the drug venom, the same drug that made Bane all super strong and mean. Viper is breathed in and makes the user super strong and euphoric but, as the Gotham news reporter told us, “then, without exception, they die a horrible death” It turns out that a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises makes this drug and the big villainous plan was to unleash a big batch into the fundraiser. Jim and Harvey once again save the day but once again, they did not have to shoot anybody because Stan, the bad guy, jumped off the roof to his death. The most promising and interesting part of the episode this week is the beginnings of this mobster turf war between Maroni and Falcone and maybe even Wayne Enterprises. We only got hints of that but this is the kind of stuff I want to see more of, the real seedy underbelly of Gotham.


  • What was the purpose of Selina Kyle even being in the episode? I think she just showed up on set one day and they said, “eh, why not”
  • Oswald certainly is making life hard for Jim. Oswald told Maroni his story and Jim got hauled down to corroborate the story (which allowed us, the audience, to get a full recap of the pilot episode) and now Maroni has his eye on him. Thanks a lot Oswald!
  • Maroni appears to be eating some sort of mutant lobster. Last week, we saw him grab a giant steak and eat it with his hands. This week, he is nibbling on the largest lobster known to man (and threatening Oswald with a lobster claw the size of a baby).
  • Speaking of Maroni, I like that he decides to go along with his minions to rob the Falcone casino. He is quite the hands on mobster, isn’t he!
  • Alfred sitting down with Bruce to help find clues at the end of the episode was probably my favorite moment so far of the whole series.
  • No Montoya or Barbara this week and as long as they are making Montoya lame, I prefer it this way.

That’s about it for this week. Join me again next week for Episode 6 entitled “Spirit of the Goat”. Did you like this week’s episode? Let me know. StephersRG


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