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‘Agents of Shield’: Melinda May in a Dress

Phil and MayWell Agents, now we can say we have seen it all! Not only did we see Agent Melinda May in a dress, we saw her drop kick, herself! While I can’t say I was surprised to see an agent-to-agent face-off–because they just did the same fight sequence on Arrow–I can say it was pretty awesome to watch TWO versions of the incredible Ming-na Wen kick some serious butt!

So, let’s get caught up shall we:

1. Talbot is not Hydra. That face-stealing Hydra British guy was only pretending to be Talbot (phew!)
2. Agent May is good at kicking everyone’s butt–including her own!
3. Coulson’s alien symptoms are getting worse: apparently his hand was shaking while they were flying to Miami.
4. Agent 33 is a full on brainwashed Hydra baddie (major bummer)
5. Reina just picked a fight with the worst villain on the show: Daniel Whitehall. This guy is sick. I hope Reina goes to Coulson for help.
6. Coulson wants May to put him down if his symptoms get worse. May would rather put him up in a cabin somewhere. This isn’t going to end well.

So, that’s about where we are in this season of Agents of Shield.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode. Coulson and May being flirtations and covert was quite wonderful. It kinda felt like watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith 😉 I was really worried when fake May got on the plane. I thought she was going to hurt everyone. (Don’t hurt my babies!) I’m glad she just caused a tech problem, which was brilliantly fixed by Fitz and Hunter.

I also enjoyed how Simmons coached Fitz back into bonding with the new guys. Fitz’s whole world has been blown apart… I’m not surprised he is being reclusive and fearful of connecting. I’m glad he is starting to move on and was able to have a beer with the guys. They need him, and he can’t stay in hiding forever.

So, what’s next?

We need to keep an eye on Coulson, and Skye for that matter. That alien serum is having an effect on Coulson that could be very dangerous. We also need to keep an eye on Simmons. She is still working undercover at Hydra, and she could be “made to comply” by Daniel Whitehall at any moment! Lastly, we need to not underestimate where this whole alien language thread is going. Is it Kree writing? Is it some kind of map? Is it Inhuman? There are so many theories going around the internet right now, and the writers could be leaving us clues without us knowing. What do you think the writing is? And, do you think Skye is going to start writing it too? I have a feeling something is going to happen to Skye very soon. I’m kind of hoping at some point Skye’s powers will be activated and she will be able to translate it.

Let me know what you thought about tonight’s Agents of Shield episode! I am here to chat theories, favorite moments, new characters, old characters–anything you want! Leave me a comment below or shoot me a tweet @Lauren_Gallaway!


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