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Gotham Episode 4 – “Arkham”


Welcome to Gotham, the city where valuable life lessons are learned every day. Never look into the end of a telescope stick even if the man says he voted for you or you will be killed with a pointy jabby knife. Never eat a cannoli given to you by a guy who asked you to rob a mob restaurant and kill the restaurant manager because, most likely, that cannoli will be poisoned. Never forget that “a war is coming”. With those lessons out of the way, let’s get to it!

This episode of Gotham picks up right where we left off last week with Oswald doing a drop by at Barbara and Jim’s clock tower love nest. Oswald and Jim go outside to have a little chat and Jim roughs up Oswald a bit. Oswald then tells Jim that he can trust him or kill him and I am pretty sure that Jim then slapped a broken bottle out of Oswald’s hand. Is that the trust option then? Neither Jim nor Oswald seem to be concerned that Gotham is a busy city, presumably with eyes everywhere. They just carry on their loud and lively conversation and Oswald declares “nobody looks for a dead man”. Oswald is slowly but quietly rising to power as he is working as a dishwasher for Maroni. He hears everything and even stages a robbery slash murder but hides in the freezer with a bag of money in order to impress Maroni. Oswald is slowly moving up and gaining power. Oswald steals the episode as usual with his madness but now I see his madness leading somewhere and I am interested. But what does he want with Jim?

This week, Fish Mooney was doing a lot of sitting around as she auditioned some new lounge singers. “Seduce me”, she said to both of the singers. One rubbed Fish’s shoulders but the other, Fish’s obvious favorite, gave her a nice long kiss on the mouth (because all the writers appear to be men). I am unclear what Fish needs a singer for other than to sing in the club that is never open but she seems to have some plan for one of these ladies, as a weapon of some sort. She had them fight it out to get the job and of course Kiss Me Kate wins by bashing Massager’s head into the pavement.

Jim is working hard this week to solve the case at hand. An assassin is killing politicians with previously mentioned pointy jabby stick. These murdered politicians are on both sides of the Arkham City issue. Maroni and Falcone, both rich and powerful, want different things for Arkham city, none of which includes Arkham Asylum. So who is killing all these politicians? A guy named Gladwell. Gordon and Bullock tracked him down fairly easily but he got away…for now. Oswald calls Gordon (in broad daylight from a payphone) and tells him that there is another hit set for THIS VERY NIGHT. The mayor! Jim runs over there (it has mysteriously started raining) to warn the mayor but Gladwell the assassin is not far behind. Gladwell attacks Gordon with his pointy jabby stick and, lucky for us, Gordon thinks fast and throws a red notebook at him, distracting Gladwell just enough so that he and the Mayor can get away. Bullock arrives just in time and he and Gordon put a good number of bullets into Gladwell’s body making him quite dead and unable to assassinate the Mayor.

Bruce did not get to do a whole lot this week. He was there to complain about the Mayor’s plan for Arkham City because the asylum, his parent’s dream, is being ignored. Gordon tells Bruce that there is still hope for Gotham. And that is about it for Bruce this week. The episode ends with Oswald murdering the faces off of the criminals he got to rob the restaurant with poisoned cannolis then makes off with all the money.


  • Just today, Gotham  received a full season order from Fox. I hope that this doesn’t mean we get extra throw away episodes! I do think this show needs a little time to grow so this could be good news. It’s good news for me because I get that many more weeks here with you guys!
  • All I heard during Jim and Barbara’s fight over Montoya was a bunch of “blah blah blah, I’m boring, blah blah” I wish i cared for Barbara more but she is just not written well at the moment. I find it irritating and insulting that she doesn’t understand that Jim is a cop and maybe can’t give her information about a case, especially since she called the paper LAST time he told her something juicy.
  • Those are some crazy weather patterns they have in Gotham.
  • What is up with Ed Nygma. He does a lot of staring.
  • Last night I saw Robin Lord Taylor get his throat slashed on The Walking Dead and tonight he stole the show playing Oswald. Well played, sir.
  • Seeing the gates of Arkham was a fangirl moment for me. Make fun of me if you must.
  • With the return of Arrow and the premiere of The Flash, this show just got a whole lot less impressive. I hold my superhero shows up to a higher standard and Gotham got a three week stay but now it must compete.

Overall I enjoyed this episode a lot more than last week’s although it is still feeling a tad too procedural for me. Next week’s episode is called “Viper” and I will be here same time, same place to tell you how I feel about it! Let me know how you feel about Gotham! StephersRG


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