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And Then This Happened… Pop Culture Happenings

Sometime in the middle of this week, we hit October! I mean, that is how a calendar works, right? So now begins my favorite month of the year. A whole lot of nerdy, fantastic stuff happens every day so in case you are living under a rock, or, you know, have like a life or something, I will highlight a few things that happened this week.


Wednesday is new comic day and this week, October first, we got a big issue. Thor Vol. 4 #1 written by Jason Aaron introduces a brand new Thor. For those of you living under a rock, or those of you who aren’t as nerdy as me, Thor is now a woman. This is not a gimmick by Marvel. This is actually something that has the potential to be a great thing for comics and for fans of Thor, new and old. Jason Aaron has been the man behind Thor for quite a while, writing Thor God of Thunder, which just wrapped up a couple of weeks ago with the first glimpse of the new Thor. In Thor #1, a distraught and devastated Thor has lost his mojo, otherwise known as Mjolnir. He is no longer worthy to wield the hammer,  but there must always be a Thor, one that is worthy to wield Mjolnir.


This issue is heavy on Malekith and light on the actual new Thor but as long as Jason is writing, I am in for the long haul. You can pick up this issue now at your local comic book store.


The complete series of Gilmore Girls hit Netflix streaming this week, all 154 episodes. I have definitely not seen even close to all of these episodes but I watched this show in spurts with various roommates over the years, male and female and enjoyed every episode I saw. I have had the first season on my disc queue for about six years now (yes, I still get the physical DVDs so if you were wondering who still did that, look no further) and now, finally, I can watch this show whenever (and how fast) I want. I have been told by many that I can skip most of the sixth and seventh season but the people who told me that obviously do not know me at all! I will watch to completion!! The day netflix added the show, I went home and watched two episodes off the bat. Besides being charmed by these two fast talking coffee nuts, I was struck by how much I missed theme songs. Growing up, a theme song was so important. It let you know your show was on NOW. “Oh oops I am in my kitchen but is that… YES, it’s Growing Pains, I hear it” and then I could run out and watch. Nowadays we are lucky to get some strange chords (I’m looking at you LOST, even though I love your floating logo coming at me), if anything at all (I am looking at you How to Get Away With Murder. I almost missed you last night because I was in the other room). Watch all Gilmore Girls episodes now on Netflix streaming. While you are hanging out on Netflix, don’t forget to check out the newly added Season Three Episodes of Comic Book Men. If you have not watched this show, you must have a giant hole in your heart!


Gone Girl, starring Ben Affleck and directed by David Fincher, comes out nationwide today. I will be seeing this movie tomorrow and I cannot wait. I am a big fan of the book and of the writer, Gillian Flynn, and word is, she re-wrote the ending of the movie so that we could all be surprised. I have read almost entirely positive reviews for this movie. This only makes me more excited. Fincher is going to bring his best Fincher and I know it is going to be dark and moody and quite possibly messed up!


In exciting, but not surprising Marvel news, Agent Carter (Hayley Atwell) started shooting this week in Los Angeles. A few days ago, Dominic Cooper was officially added to the cast to reprise his role as Howard Stark. In less exciting casting news, Dominic joins previously cast Chad Michael Murray. Even though this apparently is old news, I just found out so I am including it in my weekly roundup! Agent Carter will air in place of  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s during the gap between the first half and second half of AoS’s second season.


Hot off the presses in DC casting news, Gotham has found its Harvey Dent. Nicholas D’Agosto (Heroes, Masters of Sex) will play young assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent and potentially Two-Face. There is not too much other information other than he will be recurring for the rest of season one with potential for season 2. I really like this guy and I am excited to see where he will fit in the city (and show) of Gotham. He looks a little young to me to play an ADA but Laurel has the same job on the show Arrow and it doesn’t really bother me when she does it!


On Tuesday, Lena Dunham’s highly anticipated (at least by me) book of essays “Not That Kind of Girl” hit the shelves. I had mine on pre-order so when I arrived home after a long day, it was on my doorstep waiting for me. As of yet, I have only read the introduction but the book felt so good to hold and even though I have never met Lena, I felt proud to hold the book in my hands. I am a huge fan of her show Girls and I have no doubt that I have some cringe-worthy, honest, personal stories waiting for me. Lena’s stuff is so unique and I know it’s not for everyone but it is certainly for me. Also, I was happy to find some amazing drawings by Joanna Avillez introducing the chapters.


My most recent favorite show, You’re The Worst, (you can find my review of the show in a previous post) thankfully got renewed for a second season. The show will be moving to FXX for season two. I am jumping for joy over this news and I encourage everyone to find this show and watch it and love it!


We finally get a teaser trailer for the newest Pixar movie (masterpiece), Inside Out, written and directed by Pixar regular, Pete Doctor (Up, Monsters, Inc.) Inside Out will be released June 19, 2015 so we are in for a long wait!

I am, on one hand, thrilled to finally get to see SOMETHING from this movie. And no, I did not tear up at all at this trailer. Not. At. All. (Lies) But on the other hand, the first 50 seconds or so are just images from other Pixar movies (and none of that at all made me tear up, especially Toy Story 3 stuff), and don’t get to the juice until almost a minute into the trailer. I am just so pumped to see anything at all and hear some of Amy, Mindy, Bill, Lewis, and Phyllis (I am on a first name basis with all of them since I spend so much time with all these guys in bed. Oh quiet, I mean watching stuff)! I know there was a new Interstellar trailer as well but when Pixar gives me their teaser, I am a one woman trailer-watching girl! But by all means, check youtube or hulu or whatever site you prefer to watch the new Interstellar trailer!

That’s it for this week! By no means do I think I covered everything but if I missed something that is important to you, let me know! This is the first of my planned weekly round-ups so let your voice be heard! Hit me up here…StephersRG I’ll just be over here watching the teaser for Inside Out!


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