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Gotham Episode 2 “Selina Kyle”


Sometimes Episode 2 of a series is more telling than a pilot. A pilot has to pull out all the bells and whistles to get you to come back next week. Now it is next week and the show can start to settle in and introduce itself. While I did not like this episode as much as the pilot, I think it is a very strong second episode that sets the tone for this show. I don’t think this is in danger of turning into just another police procedural, although I am still cautiously optimistic about that. So let’s get right down to it…

Right off the bat, (I honestly did not mean to just do that) we see Bruce testing his limits with the flame. I was waiting for someone, probably Jim based on all his wisdom from last week, “If you touch the flame, Bruce, you are going to get burned.” Sadly, no one did, not even Alfred who interrupted his self imposed trials. It certainly looked like he was trying to hurt himself but anyone who knows Batman, knows that Bruce is just testing those limits!

Cobblepot is starting to make his way back to Gotham city. He gets picked up by a couple of fratty (that is frat and brat combined) boys. These boys foolishly decide to tease old Oswald first and then make the mistake of telling him he looks like a penguin. Do not tell Oswald he looks like a penguin because most likely he will murder you in the face. Oswald is super close to Gotham because we can see the skyline but he is going to take his time coming back. He is in need of money but unfortunately for him, and the fratty boy he did not kill yet, no one is taking him seriously as of yet. In a genius piece of casting, we see Oswald’s mom ever so briefly played by the one and only Carol Kane. I hope she makes a return appearance. She almost has to because it was so perfect. I never really thought about Oswald’s mom before tonight and now it will always be Carol Kane.

For the majority of the episode tonight we are with Jim and Harvey as they try to track down a pair of child snatchers, played by Lili Taylor and Frank Whaley. LILI TAYLOR!! These two super happy creepers are drugging the homeless kids in Gotham, holding them prisoner in a dungeon-y room and plan on delivering them to someone called the Doll Maker. If this is the same Doll Maker that we see in Arrow then I am super glad we did not have to watch that happen. No one needs to see that guy twice! Selina Kyle manages to get away from the child snatchers twice because she is all sneaky and cat like but for an episode called “Selina Kyle”, I feel like I should have seen more of her. We do find out that she prefers to be called “Cat” and she has a mother somewhere maybe and she is thirteen years old. I also know that she has the coolest costume on television. Did I mention that last week? Cat has been watching Jim and she is smart enough to know that he is the only honest cop in Gotham City. Jim is also smart enough and quick enough to make it to the warehouse in time to body slam Lili Taylor. I am a little concerned at how fast all of this was wrapped up, but then again, the police part of this show is basically the least interesting to me anyway so any more time spent on the actual case might have made me just as concerned albeit for different reasons. Cat insists on speaking to Jim before she is sent “upstate”, (which sounds like where parents tell their children their dogs go). She wants to trade some information for upstate immunity. Jim is as curious as I am, what does she know? She claims to know who really killed the Waynes. Does she really know and also how many weeks until we find out, if ever?

Fish Mooney, the new character made up for this show, continues to surprise me. She is nutty and colorful and creepy. Jada Pinkett Smith goes for it again and is surprising me every time she is on screen. When Falcone comes to visit, Fish goes from zero to sixty in a flash and that kind of crazy I can get behind. I like that Fish is a close talker. She has some serious boundary issues when Jim and Harvey come for some answers. It just makes her seem more out there.


  • There was some really sketchy dialogue this week. Barbara actually said to Jim “you’ve been different…troubled”.
  • Harvey compared Jim’s relationship to Barbara as “a monkey riding a race horse”. Now I want to see a monkey ride a race horse. Just me?
  • I am so thrilled that Lili Taylor got to play the crazy child snatcher. She had my favorite line in the episode directed toward a minion of hers who had just had his eyes gauged out by Cat (offscreen of course, this show has a budget), “It’s nothing, a scratch. We’ll get you the doctor and you’ll be right as rain in no time”. HE HAD NO EYES!
  • Donal Logue is doing a fantastic job playing Harvey Bullock. Harvey is essentially a crooked cop but we love him anyway. Donal has to be likable while asking Jim to shoot a man in the head or while pummeling another guy with a phone book. He is pulling it off quite nicely.
  • Robin Lord Taylor. That is all that needs to be said!

I am looking forward to next week’s episode, “The Balloonman”. Like I said last week, this is not a perfect show or the best show ever made but I certainly do find it entertaining. Please join me next Monday or in the meantime, say hello at StephersRG .


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