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‘Agents of Shield’ Episode 2 – Director Coulson

Agents-of-SHIELD-Season-1-Finale-Coulson-Writing-on-WallTonight we got to see newly appointed Director Coulson in action. He was calling shots, making tough calls, and going toe to toe with Talbot. I gotta say, Coulson pretty much owned this episode – despite having to make some tough decisions.

It’s funny to think that a little over 6 years ago Agent Coulson was just a guy in a suit, following Tony Stark around in Iron Man 1 & 2 – a G-man, who seized Jane Foster’s research in Thor. He was a man we liked, but weren’t sure we could trust.

Fast forward to just 2 years ago, Agent Coulson is now Phil, a good guy with a girlfriend in Portland, working directly under Nick Fury, assembling the Avengers, and fanboying over Captain America. Here’s a guy we are growing to like, even love – and he dies. He dies! Loki, takes him down in what will always be the most difficult part of the The Avengers for me to watch. “There were blood on the cards,” Nick said. “The Avengers needed a catalyst,” Nick said. And that was it. No more Phil Coulson. It was a tragedy.

After The Avengers fans on Twitter started trending #CoulsonLives. Clark Gregg was getting mass attention at cons like NYCC. People made tee-shirts and Coulson Lives signs. This G-man fanboy became a phenomenon. And then something happened no one ever expected: they gave Agent Coulson a television show. Our Phil Coulson, our fanboy Shield agent was getting his own show – more than that, he was getting a team, a plane, and a spot on primetime television, streaming into our homes every week. It was like Christmas!

Fast forward to today: Agents of Shield is into it’s second season and we are seeing a different Phil Coulson. We are now seeing Director Coulson.

Posted by Clark Gregg's Facebook

                     Posted on Clark Gregg’s Facebook

His team has gone underground (literally) and they are now operating in the shadows. Nick Fury is off the grid, and so are many of the Avengers. Coulson is having to track down Hyrda baddies, baddies like Carl Creel, who has a dangerous alien object called The Obelisk.

At the beginning of this episode Coulson finds out that Idaho and Hartly are dead. Agent May is in pursuit of Creel, but Coulson calls her off because he wants Creel alive. Coulson then has to figure out if he can trust Hunter, who has an opportunity to sell out Coulson and his team. Nothing about Director Coulson’s job is easy right now. Agents are dying and he has to rely on his team to trust him, even when they don’t understand him. We also get to see Coulson have an ‘episode’. He spends hours drawing alien symbols on his wall – apparently he can’t control the need to sketch them. I love that he trusts May enough to let her help him through these ‘episodes’.

Some other episode tidbits we learned:

  • Mack is awesome! He was able to help Fitz, by being patient with him, and straightforward with him.
  • Fitz can still solve problems (with the help of Mack and invisiJemma)
  • Reina steals the Obelisk to learn ‘what she will become’
  • That Hunter, despite being a hired gun, has a soft spot, and for the time being, can be trusted

We also got a glimpse of Kyle MacLachlan’s character. He is the man with the bloody hand at the end of the season 1 finale. Apparently he is playing Skye’s father, and he seems very interested in getting her back. I haven’t written up my theory about him yet, but I think he is playing either The Claw or Fin Fang Foom.

Coulson owned at the end of this episode when he proved to Talbot that his team was more than prepared to be a force to be reckoned with. His invisible plane and his invisible bus will come in handy in avoiding the government and finding Hydra!

At the end of this episode we saw a clip for next week. If you don’t like knowing what’s ahead I won’t spoil it for you. I will say this. With Ward locked up in the vault, I cannot handle any more betrayals. I fell in love with this show because it was about a team – Coulson’s team. I don’t mind if they add new characters in like Mack, Triplett, and Hunter, but I don’t want to lose anyone. That being said, Simmons needs to be back ASAP. I adore her and honestly can’t handle her being gone. Come back Jemma. Please.

That’s it from me! If you enjoyed this episode and recap shoot me a tweet @Lauren_Gallaway or leave me a comment! See you next week agents!

Agents of Shield airs on ABC Tuesdays @ 9PM


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