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‘Madam Secretary’ review: Tea Leoni shines

madam sec

Two American teenagers have been kidnapped on foreign soil. The window of time to save them is closing. Elizabeth McCord is the newly appointed Secretary of State. She wants to save them, but her hands are tied. Bureaucracy tells her she can’t, her gut tells her that she must. But how?

This is the premise, the crux, of the first episode of Madam Secretary. Tea Leoni is absolutely brilliant as former CIA analyst turned Cold War professor and mom turned Secretary of State. Her charm and her natural wit are well served through well written dialogue and a great character.  The supporting cast is made up of at least a dozen familiar faces – actors you have seen in everything! From Tim Daly (Wings) to Bebe Neuwirth (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) to Geoffrey Arend (Garden State).

Based on the quick glimpses into Beth’s life it’s easy to see she is used to getting things done. She was on the ground during the dismantling of the Cold War. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. Now that she’s in the White House, she finds herself having to play more of the diplomat…

Rating: 9/10

Will I watch this show? Yes. I really enjoyed the pilot. I like the idea of getting to spend an hour every week with Tea Leoni. I think the pace of the show is really great, it doesn’t seem like it’s aiming to be a show about right or left wing politics (which is refreshing) – it seems like it’s about a compassionate woman who wants to make the world a better place. I especially loved the end of the episode. Diplomacy, and a push for change… and of course, the set up, of a story arc that will take the whole season to play out!

Check it out guys ~ you’ll be glad you did 😉

Madam Secretary airs on CBS Sundays @ 8pm.


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