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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ pilot review

Tonight Stephanie and Lauren both watched and live tweeted tonight’s premier of How to Get Away with Murder. You can catch up on our tweets here: @Lauren_Gallaway @StephersRG

oh snapWow! What a fantastic first episode! Everyone’s lying. Everyone’s cheating, and someone is already dead! This show is like a whodunit wrapped inside a mystery wrapped inside a bloody carpet… or is that the dead body?

Read on to see what we thought of tonight’s episode!


For all you Scandal lovers out there, this show is definitely for you! This is a no-holding-back, character and suspense driven show about love, murder, sex, and lies – in true Scandalous fashion. What sets this show apart from Scandal, mainly, is the setting. We’re no longer in DC – no longer in the white house – no longer putting out political fires with Olivia Pope. Speaking of white, there’s no white hat in this either – everyone’s hands are dirty, or will be soon enough.

The premise of this show revolves around hard-hitting defense attorney Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and her new breed of Gladiators: five young aspiring law students who will literally kill to work with her [spoiler alert].

Will I watch this show? Probably not, but only because after watching 2 1/2 seasons of Scandal I think I’ve seen enough murder, cheating, and moral compromise for a lifetime! Is it worth watching? ABSOLUTELY! The pace is fantastic. The characters are full of surprises. Nothing about the show is predictable. It makes for really entertaining television. Be prepared to drop your jaw EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Rating: 10/10


It starts with a dead body and ends with a dead body and everything in between is brought to you at the break neck pace that I crave in a pilot. This pilot attacks you from start to finish and holds nothing back. It has been awhile since I watched a new hour long drama in which I completely lose track of time like I did watching this pilot. If the rest of the season continues at this pace, we have a treat (and a hit) waiting for us. This show was actually written and created  by Pete Nowalk, whom I had the pleasure of working with during my two years at Grey’s Anatomy. Pete definitely knows how to write, but not only that, he knows how to write for Shonda and the fans of Shonda. This show feels like it fits in perfectly with the rest of the Thursday night Shondaland lineup. Shonda is a great talent spotter and a great person to work for.

Can we just talk about Viola Davis for a minute?! No, I need more than a minute. Did anyone else have a moment when she was writing on the chalkboard with all that sexy authority and talking all fast and then saying the name of the show? It can’t be just me. As Michaela (played by Aja Naomi King) said about three quarters of the way through the pilot “I want to be her…”. My response to that was, “get in line. Just…get in line, ” which I actually said out loud whilst sitting on my couch in the dark snuggling up to my pillow. More of her every week seems like an embarrassment of riches to all us television lovers!

There are a lot of characters and plot lines and murders and fast talking introduced in the pilot and I have to say, I am not entirely clear on everything. Michaela, whom I mentioned in the last paragraph, I actually had to look up her name to properly quote the line I wanted to quote. This is a minor problem that I am sure I will solve as I watch week to week. Let’s be honest, three seasons into Game of Thrones I just now feel like I know the names of some of the characters and I enjoy that as much as anyone possibly could! I enjoyed the use of the flashbacks, especially the sound and editing styles employed. We know that the whole story takes place during that three month period and we know there has been several murders. Other than that, I am willing to go along for the ride. There is a potential for this show to go off the rails with so many moving pieces but I have confidence that Pete will hold it all together. With twelve episode left in the season, we are in for a fast and furious ride.


  • Wes’s apartment building felt like something out of Heroes. They do, in fact, shoot in the same place so I know that am not totally crazy.
  • Viola should always wear that red jacket. And if she is not going to wear it, she should give it to me.
  • I am pretty sure Legally Blonde had basically the same plot as this show but without the extra murders and bodies in carpets.

Rating: all the Viola Davis You Can Possibly Handle and a warm comforting blanket

How to Get Away with Murder airs on ABC Thursday nights @ 10pm


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