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Gotham Begins – Episode 1


It’s finally here! I will be bringing you the weekly updates and reviews of the new Fox show, Gotham and tonight, we begin with Season One, Episode One (just called Pilot). For me to review a Batman show seems like a no brainer. I am a long time Batman fan. I cannot actually remember a me in a time without Batman. I have read a plethora of Batman stories and series but one of my favorite Batman stories is a book called Gotham Central by Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka. It’s one of my favorite Batman stories and Batman is barely even in it! It is a story about the Gotham Police Department and it is a story about Gotham. When I heard they were making a show about those S.H.I.E.L.D agents, I said to myself “if it is a quarter as good as Gotham Central it will be a pretty bad ass show” Then they announced they were making a show called Gotham about a young Jim Gordon. And I thought to myself “it should just be Gotham Central,” but I knew that Bruno Heller would want to put his own stamp on this show. I have remained cautiously optimistic. The beauty of the Batman verse is the vast array of colorful and interesting characters from which to draw.  I am glad to say that I am leaning more toward the optimistic side and throwing caution to the wind. I am in for the ride on this one.

This first episode was not perfect by any means but I really did enjoy it. I felt like a lot of information was crammed into a short period, which does not always lead to the best story telling. But in this case, I felt like we needed a lot of information to set up the full season in terms of characters, as well as tone. The show starts out how all Batman stories start, with the death of the Waynes. This is something I have seen so manny times, in so many different ways but, I have to tell you, it never gets easier to watch Thomas and Martha Wayne die and Alfred comforting a grieving Bruce will always make my eyes tear up. A young, new to Gotham, Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is first on the scene with his partner Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue). Jim makes a promise to Bruce that he will solce the murder of his parents, essentially setting up a through line for this first season.

Seeing Gotham through Jim’s eyes will be interesting. Gotham is chaotic, crooked, infested with criminals and dirty cops. Jim thinks he can do some good in Gotham and he really believes he can figure out why the Waynes were murdered. In the Batman mythos, Jim does not find the killer because Batman is the one that solves that mystery. Whether he actually solves the murder or not is inconsequential to me as long as we get more of the Rogue’s Gallery of folks, some of whom we only met briefly tonight like Ed Nygma, whom I think will prove to be a power house of a character. The Riddler is always entertaining and always crazy. Selina Kyle never spoke a word in this pilot. but I loved her instantly. Did you guys see her outfit? Now that is a kick ass Selina Kyle outfit. I hope she can act as well as she can slink around because I have high hopes any time Selina Kyle is introduces as a character. Oswald Cobblepot looks and sounds great and I am excited that his origin story has already begun. Let’s get right down to it and see some weird and creepy Penguin action! I look forward to more of these guys as well as more Ivy. She looked like a handful, didn’t she?

“How do you have a Batman story without Batman”. I have heard many people say this sentence or some sort of variation of this sentence for about 6 months now. A superhero story without a superhero. You do it by telling good stories about the cops and villains and what about the stories of Gotham itself. It’s Gotham, there is always a good story there! This episode felt like a Batman episode. It felt like it belonged. It wasn’t perfect, like I said before, but neither is Gotham and certainly not Batman. These are flawed characters so this show should not be pretty and perfect at all times. That is not Gotham.


  • The first time I saw Jada Pinkett Smith, an involuntary “ugh” escaped from my lips. But the second time she was on screen, I just let it go and let Jada be crazy Jada and, you know what? It kind of works. There is no reason why she couldn’t be a villain in Gotham.
  • Did you guys see Selina Kyle’s outfit?
  • Montoya and Allen from the Major Crimes Unit are two of my favorite characters from Gotham Central so I am glad to see them make a solid appearance in episode one. I am holding my breath that Montoya is a little tougher than she seemed in the pilot but keep an eye on those two!
  • How awesome did Gotham look?
  • “How ever dark and scary the world might be right now, there will be light.” Jim Gordon had one too many serious lines delivered in an over serious way because he is a really serious guy in case you didn’t take him seriously but now you know. However, this line is classic Batman-esque language and I will take it every time!
  • Oswald’s rise out of the water was a bit over the top for my taste but they managed to combine the dramatics with the gritty in this episode. What Oswald does after (no spoilers) makes up for his theatrics getting out of the water.
  • Are there any good cops in Gotham besides Jim? My money is on Montoya and Allen but it’s going to be a rough road for Jim without an ally, other than a very young Bruce Wayne that is.

That’s it for episode one and my first weekly post for Gotham. Please join me next week, September 29, around this same time, for Episode 2 (titled “Selina Kyle” so one can assume I will be talking about her outfit). Please let me know what all of you thought of Gotham. Or you can just say hi! StephersRG



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