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‘Forever’ Pilot Review

In just a few weeks time ABC will be launching its new crime drama ‘Forever’. ‘Forever’ is a Sherlock-esque police procedural set in New York City. What makes this show different from every other New York based crime shows currently on television? The main character is immortal. Yup. He’s immortal.

Now before you go judging this as yet another vampire drama to hit our screens let’s get one thing straight. He is not a vampire. Nor is he a werewolf or a zombie. What is he you ask? We don’t know. Not even he knows, hence plot mystery number one.

Fancastic watched the pilot this week, and wrote our initial reviews below! We hope they are able to help you decide if ‘Forever’ is a show you would like to check out! 🙂


Stephanie’s Review

It seems like every other show these days has some lovable snuggly chap with some super amazing skill including, but not limited to, tremendous power of observation. This comes in handy to solve crimes, (or rather cases in general) in case you didn’t know. CBS has both ‘Elementary’, the actual Sherlock redo and also the show known mostly (at least to me) for it’s blatant thievery of an idea, ‘The Mentalist’. ABC has ‘Castle’, which, frankly, is a show a lot of people I know would be surprised is still on. Fox had ‘House’ up until recently. These shows are always there to provide generic, procedural entertainment that require very little commitment or thought. Missed a few weeks? It’s cool, new day, new case! I am not saying these shows are bad or that people should not watch them. I mean, let’s face it, life is hard and it’s nice to watch a show when you feel like it and when you have time and not to have to stress about it. ‘Walking Dead’ is stressful. ‘Game of Thrones’ makes my heart beat so fast and I often cannot sleep after it ends. I don’t blame anyone for not wanting that kind of stress during their supposed entertainment! And to be fair, I have only watched a handful total of all the aforementioned shows and not a single episode of the ‘Mentalist’ (Psych-o forever) so I am not trying to argue the quality of those shows. I am merely trying to say this: Everyone loves a good Sherlock-y type story and every network wants in on the game. ABC has now added another show to their arsenal with ‘Forever’.

This show will no doubt turn into a procedural case of the week type show. I will not watch this show. Simply making the main character immortal is not enough if he is just going to sulk around and be all…procedural. At the end of the pilot, we got a slight reveal which I will not spoil, which almost made me a little kind of almost but not really interested, but now that I know that information, I think I am good. If someone can prove to me that the show is telling a story about Henry’s immortality (and I am so sorry but I watched the show about an hour ago and I had to look up the character name) and how that happened and why and not just a monster of the week tale, I might think it over, but probably still not watch. I am afraid I would have to deal with too much will-they-won’t they and look at the geeky lab guy sidekick type scenarios. But you know, I will not be surprised when I hear someone say they love this new show called ‘Forever’. I will also not be surprised to turn on ABC five years from now and see this show come on. But like all you other ‘Arrested Development’ fans out there will understand, I will look at the TV and say “her?” incredulously and go watch ‘Game of Thrones’.


  • I think Ioan Gruffudd is bland. I just do. I am so sorry. I still love you though. But just to confuse you, I think he is just far too attractive to be that “creepy” guy. I know. I don’t make any sense.
  • Lorraine Toussaint is joining the cast soon, which is intriguing, but I leave it up to all of you to tell me about it.
  • Judd Hirsch is a giant teddy bear and I wanted more of him. Like in everything.

Rating: One bowl of low sodium vegetable soup and a handful of crackers.

Lauren’s Review –

Alright. Stephanie didn’t like the show. I’m glad she wrote her review first, because I agree with her on many points. That being said, I actually liked it. Will I watch it every week? I don’t know yet.

I love Ioan Gruffudd. I love him so much I think I’ve seen almost everything he’s been in. ‘Amazing Grace’ is one of my favorite films and he is brilliant in it. I think it’s very interesting that he has made the leap to tv. Seems like all the Brits (Tom Mison, Johnny Lee Miller, Karen Gillan, etc) are headlining American tele these days… to which I say, there is nothing wrong with that. Ioan in this show is quite charming. His gentleness and smile warm up every scene, even if he is warming up a morgue.

I also LOVE Judd Hirsch. He had all the best lines in this episode. I hope Judd gets some really great scenes this season because he is absolutely wonderful. His character’s connection to Henry is very profound. When the episode highlighted how these two characters met I actually cried.

Despite this show having the same formula as many other shows on television it does have a unique selling point. Henry is immortal. That’s part of the overall mystery of the show. While he is solving cases he is also trying to figure out why he can’t die. Where this show could fall into other procedural categories, it walks the line between fantasy and genre, because of this supernatural element, which I really like. Most networks air shows that very clearly fit into one category. But this show meshes different categories, and I like that. I think it’s a risk for ABC to air a slightly supernatural procedural, and hopefully a risk that pays off.

Will I watch this show? Maybe. I will definitely watch this first few episodes, if only to see Ioan on my television screen. I am watching a lot of shows this season and it may be hard for me to keep up with shows not in my fandoms (‘Arrow’, ‘Agents of Shield’, ‘Gotham’, ‘The Flash’, etc). But, if I wasn’t watching a lot of other shows, I would definitely watch ‘Forever’. It’s fun, quirky, there’s an opportunity for romance, there’s a crime to solve each week, and there will be plenty of flashbacks to iconic moments in history (which I love). They also introduced Henry’s ‘Moriarty’ in this pilot episode, so there are lots of layers to the show.

Rating: 7.5/10

‘Forever’ premiers on ABC Tuesday September 23 @ 10pm

Based on these reviews, will you be watching ‘Forever’ this fall? Leave us a comment below or tweet us! Stephanie @StephersRG  + Lauren @Lauren_Gallaway


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