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‘Outlander’ – Review & Musings

OutlanderStarzAbout a year ago my Twitter timeline blew up with the news that the ‘Outlander’ book series was coming to television. I think it started buzzing mainly because ‘Hobbit’ actor Graham McTavish was set to be in it, and he was keeping us all updated with pictures and tweets from the set.

At the time, I had never heard of ‘Outlander’, and wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about, but as I started learning about its rich setting in the Scottish Highlands, I became more interested. What really peeked my interest was how many of my Sherlockian friends had read the books back in the 90’s and absolutely loved them! These friends have great taste, so I took their word that it was a really great book to read, and soon to be great show!

As the show was premiering in early August I decided to get my hands on a copy of the book before then. A friend lent me her copy and I got through a few chapters before the episode premier. Right away the book intrigued me. A woman in the 1940’s traveling back in time to the mid 1700’s – quite captivating. I got through chapter three just in time for Comic Con. Much to my delight ‘Outlander’ had a fully commanding presence at Comic Con. Everywhere I went I was met with dashing men in Kilts and Tartan plaid flyers, stickers, and handouts. They even constructed a giant castle which you could tour, which contained props from Claire’s surgery room at Castle Leoch. I didn’t know it was Claire’s surgery when I saw it, but I know it now 😉


‘Outlander’ started the first week of August and I really loved the first episode. I loved it so much I immediately downloaded the audio book so I could get right back into that world. This past weekend episode four aired. This episode marked the end of Claire’s stay in Castle Leoch, which is Chapter 10 in the book. With 12 episodes to go and 31 more chapters cover, I feel we’ve only scratched the surface of the story. I’m in chapter 16 right now, which is about halfway through part three of the book.

Part of me wants to keep reading the book, ahead of the show, because I find it helps me get through the week, when I’m between episodes. The other half of me wants to stop reading the book, because I’m starting to compare the show and the book a little too much. Either way, I am thoroughly enjoying both the book and the show. The show is sweeping, and vibrant, with poignant acting and an incredible score. The book has extremely well drawn characters and a plot that holds your attention while keeps you wanting more.

In addition to watching and reading the ‘Outlander’ series I’m also reading a great recap blog from Barnes and Noble, and listening to a really fun podcast called ‘The Scot and the Sassenach’. I find it funny, that when you’re watching a show you really love, you don’t want to step out of that world for a second. And yet, unless you’re binging a show on Netflix, you have to wait a week between episodes. I find that blogs and podcast recaps are the best way to stay in touch with a show during those times.

Are you watching the new show? Have you read the book? How are you enjoying the adaptation? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it 🙂 Leave me a comment below or tweet me your thoughts at @Lauren_Gallaway 🙂


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