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WonderCon Wrap Up

This past weekend brought us the little sibling of San Diego Comic Con, still important but just not as big (think Tyrion Lannister in the same room as Jaime Lannister. Both amazing,  one is just undeniably bigger than the other), WonderCon. Everyone that attended found some gems and surprises but I am just going to write about a few things that I found/attended/discovered/witnessed (and all those other words)!

First and foremost, the definite yellow highlighted event for me had to be the Godzilla panel. Guys, we saw the monster. And he roared. And it was glorious. At SDCC last year, my friend Hannah and I went to a Godzilla exhibit. We had no idea what we were getting into and anyone that went into this exhibit knows as well as I do that it was amazing. The grand scale of the exhibit is too much to go into now but just know, it left us all so pumped for a movie without even seeing any footage. The amount of work that they put into this exhibit was enough to make me giddy with excitement. Warner Brothers bought a few movies to WonderCon this year for their Saturday morning panel. I was there for Godzilla and director Gareth Edwards did not disappoint. He was adorable and funny and seemed almost nervous to show us the footage, “there are unfinished effects in this,” he made sure we knew. But those lights dimmed and we saw I would guess about ten minutes of the movie, including two monsters. The crowd went as wild as a Saturday morning crowd ever could and Gareth seemed a little choked up. My two panel buddies and I did not stop talking about this for the next two days! This movie should be quite amazing and has moved to the tippy top of my most excited about movies list for the year.

One of the reasons I love conventions so much is that you can go from a giant movie release to a small indie book creator in about ten minutes. I met Noelle Stevenson at the Boom! Studios table on Saturday. She signed my copy of Lumberjanes #1. This is the moment where your life changes because you go and pick up Lumberjanes #1 and get in on the ground floor of what might be the greatest thing ever! I just read today that this comic is Buffy the Vampire Slayer mixed with Gravity Falls and that is basically the most perfect description. If none of those things interest you, you should still buy it because it is also like nothing else on the shelves and it is written and drawn by all women which is amazing (and rare). Noelle was so sweet and charming and three of us instantly fell in love with her. Do yourself a favor and check out this comic along with others from Boom! such as Loki Ragnarak and Roll and all that Adventure Time stuff!

I also attended a TV writing panel with my co-contributor Lauren. I did not know what to expect going in but I didn’t want our time together to end so I tagged along. It turns out one of the panelists is a writer on Arrow. Lauren and I had a chance to speak with her afterwards and she was kind and gracious and had some great things to say during the panel. Sometimes at conventions, you can wander into a panel room and magical events occur! The Nerdist panel was also quite magical for me, seeing as I am such a fan of Chris Hardwick. We got the news that there will be more Neil’s Puppet Dreams. If you have not watched the previous episodes, I think you should do that now. I will wait. Go. And we also got confirmation on a live Nerdist Podcast for SDCC so I have that to look forward to now! I got particularly emotional when Chris was commenting on staying positive, even when the easier thing to do would be to find the negative. I want to live my life that why which is why I think I feel a connection to Chris Hardwick!

The rest of my Con consisted of me and some friends walking around the Con floor looking for art and toys and comics. My best and favorite item that I picked up this weekend was a Kotobukiya Deathstroke action figure. Thanks to my friend Hannah, I found one for about half the price, and if I am not exaggerating, it was about 40 percent cheaper. And I love him. The Kotobukiya figures are so beautifully done that any other Deathstroke figure I found was a pale comparison so when I found one for less, I snagged it. I still have a little bit of buyers guilt but seeing him on my shelf will ease the pain! 3050929-ds2

Overall, I spent too much money on books and that gorgeous figure above but I had a wonderful time talking to artists and comic creators and hanging with my friends. It is always hard to see a convention come to an end no matter how worn out and tired you feel. Heading back into work that next Monday morning feels especially like an “I hate Mondays” mug waiting to happen. But I would not trade my convention experiences for anything. I always feel like a better person after ever con. Maybe in ten more years, I will be the kindest most enlightened person around! But either way, at least I know I have a place to go to be myself and be accepted. In this world, that is a rare and special thing. Until next time, WonderCon.


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