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“Turn, Turn, Turn” #AgentsofShield

Last week I wrote about the possibility of Agent Victoria Hand being the true Clairvoyant and a member of HYDRA.


Going in to last weeks episode of Agents of SHIELD I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I knew who was in HYDRA and who wasn’t.

By the end of the episode everything I had thought I knew was wrong. Victoria Hand is not HYDRA, Agent Ward is! And the Clairvoyant? Not Arnim Zola, but Agent Garrett. This episode, called “Turn, Turn, Turn”, was the most inventive and mind-blowing episode of Shield I have ever seen. There were more “WTF” moments than I can count.

In order to write a little review about the episode I decided to re-watch the episode that preceded it: “The End of the Beginning.” Knowing what I knew about Ward and Garrett, I payed close attention to them, to see if there were any signs of the hidden HYDRA agenda. Oh man, there were a lot of signs!

One scene in particular revealed Agent Garrett’s hand: He is talking to Skye about Agent Ward. Talking about how he trained him. He can see Skye’s influence on Ward. He looks at her and says “I trained Ward, he trained you, it all comes full circle… TURN, TURN, TURN.” Garrett says this. He knows what’s coming. This phrase is the episode title from last week. Which to me, says a lot about where the writers are heading. Garrett turned Ward to Hydra, and now he wants Ward to turn Skye to Hydra. Turn, turn, turn.

I think all of this will backfire on Garrett though. I think Skye is the only person that could turn Ward back from Hydra. He loves her. At some point, he will have to choose between Shield and Hydra, and Skye will help him choose Shield.

As for what Agent Garrett and Agent Ward are really after? My bet is on Graviton. Ward directly mentions it when they talk about what is on the plane that shouldn’t fall into enemy hands. Unfortunately Coulson reveals where Graviton is being held. It’s below The Fridge. Off the grid. And that’s where Hand, Garrett and Ward are headed at the end of the episode. You can read about The Fridge here.

This whole episode was so full of emotional tension and plot twists and turns. It was a really difficult episode to watch because I have fallen in love with these characters and their world.

The entire face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been altered with the reveal of Hydra. The question now remains: how deep does Hydra’s influence go? We will find out in the next five episodes of Shield and the upcoming Marvel films. Shield airs Tuesday nights on ABC and Friday nights in the UK on Channel 4.

 What do you think about the reveal of Agent Garrett as the Clairvoyant? Do you think Agent Ward is truly Hydra, or do you think he is playing both sides?

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