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Captain America The Winter Soldier & Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I have two words for everyone: AGENT SITWELL.

  • Jasper Sitwell. – I’ve always known he was a baddie. My parents and I talk a lot about him because he shows up in so many different things!
    • He is in Thor and he was on the Helicarrier in The Avengers.
    • He is in two Marvel OneShots: “The Consultant” and “Agent 47”.
    • He has been on the show “Agents of Shield” three times. The first time he appears is in the episode “The Hub.” Funny enough, Simmons shoots him with the Night-Night gun. He’s also in episodes “Yes Men” and “End of the Beginning”.
  • We discover his treachery in Captain America The Winter Soldier. Turns out Sitwell was a HYDRA-baddie all along.

So where does that leave us with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?

  • What ‘s up with Agent Victoria Hand? Is she working for Hyrda too? Is she under orders from Arnim Zola to discover what really happened to Agent Coulson?
  • Is Arnim Zola the real “Clairvoyant”?
  • We know that Agent Hand has ordered Coulson’s team to The Hub. They were on their way to meet Director Fury at The Triskelion. Unfortunately I don’t think there is very much of that building left standing, after being bombarded by three crashing Helicarriers.

I fear for Coulson’s team – they have been caught up in a major conspiracy that almost took the lives of one of their own. Now they are flying into a warzone, in the midst of a complete Shield meltdown. I wonder what Coulson will do, once he finds out Hydra has been hiding under Shield’s nose.

What do you think the future holds for Coulson and his Agents of Shield?
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