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Now that the Oscars are Over…

We are T-Minus (or whatever the equivalent of counting up, T-plus?) three days after the 2014Oscar Awards ceremony. At this point almost all conversation has been abandoned save the constant mockery of John Travolta’s attempt at saying a name. I thought I would take this time to point out a few movies that you should not have missed in 2013 that were, shall we say, too good for the Oscars! I normally come up with a top ten best and worst list of the year but instead of a list, I am writing this post consisting of many more words than just a mere list would entail!

I really enjoyed the movie Nebraska. It was not my favorite of the year, but I enjoyed the stillness and the scenery. The movie was lovingly shot in a beautiful black and white. I am a proud fan of black and white (mostly) There were two movies that came out shot in black and white that I thought were better than Nebraska, and in fact, I thought were better than most of the nominated movies this year. One is Frances Ha and the other is Much Ado About Nothing. Frances Ha gave me this exhilarated feeling when it was over. It brought back all those feelings of joy I had when I was a kid dreaming about making a movie. It was joyful and real and gorgeously written and shot. Just watch it and we can discuss! Much Ado is the now famous interpretation of the Shakespeare play by Joss Whedon shot in 12 days in his house with his stable of actors. He did not need one more day.

Comedies are quite often underrepresented at awards shows, other than the comedy category at the Golden Globes. While American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street were both laugh out loud funny, there were quite a few movies that were just downright amazing, hilarious comedies. The Heat for example is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. I heard lots of poo pooing because it has Sandra Bullock in it but I am pretty sure that people are not thinking this through. She is charming and great! This is the End wins for the most surprisingly funny movie of the year and there was barely a moment in that movie that I was not in stitches. This should not be confused with The World’s End, which I think might be the best movie of the year and also one of the funniest but also just so much more than a comedy. If you want to watch a perfect movie with everything in it, this is your winner!

People seem really surprised that Matthew McConaughey is now an Oscar winner. This surprise proves that you need to see the movie that came out earlier in the year, Mud. This is the movie that jump started the McConnaisance (not my term but I love it so much that I can’t stop using it) If you see him in this movie, it is absolutely no surprise that he won that award! And to top the peak of the McConnaisance, Matthew gave one of the best speeches of the night so he is a double winner!

For me, 2013 was a great year for movies. I managed to find a nice slew of indies (other than ones already mentioned) that I recommend to everyone that likes good movies! I guess I will do that dreaded list now because that’s what everyone just wants anyway! Sorry to make you sit through all the talking parts. In no particular order, here are some fantastic movies, from 2013 that you might have missed:


The Way Way Back 

The Spectacular Now
In a World

Enough Said

Short Term 12

Warm Bodies

In case you were wondering, you should probably avoid a few movies too. I went ahead and checked them out for you since I am a theater going movie nerd but now I will issue warnings! The Family, Kick Ass 2, and Identity Thief can be avoided unless you like to be disappointed! And who likes that? But feel free to disagree! And believe me, I loved all the action-y blockbuster movies as much as the next guy, but I wanted to point out some things that maybe went under your radar! I’d love to hear your opinions so tweet at me here


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