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Egan Forever

It is always incredibly sad when an actor, singer or whatever kind of entertainer dies. We don’t know these people (at least most of us don’t) but because of their presence and persona and body of work, we feel like we do. While I am always really sad when a celebrity I love dies (or when anybody dies, I mean, I am not a monster), once in a while we lose someone and it hits even harder. I cried when Heath Ledger died and when River Phoenix died. I forgot to breathe for a few minutes when I heard Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Two days ago, we lost Harold Ramis. This one has been really hard to deal with.

The Ghostbusters were my first heroes. I think I was about eight or so when I saw the movie for the first time. I knew immediately that I wanted to be a Ghostbuster. It didn’t matter that I was afraid of the dark or that I didn’t live in a firehouse or that I was eight! It also did not matter that I knew that it was a movie. I was going to figure out a way to make it work out! I knew even then that Egan was the glue of the team. Sure, it’s fun to watch the other two wise cracking misfits, but Egan kept the team together!

I never stopped watching Harold Ramis. I grew up as a movie nerd, specifically comedies. I was a quiet and lonely kid and watching his movies, whether he was in them or directed them or both, made me feel joy and hopefulness. His movies still stand, in my eyes, as some of the greatest comedies ever made. The list goes on and on, Stripes, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Meatballs. Everyone knows these movies. Growing up with these comedies has inspired and also informed my career goals. I never had the opportunity to meet Harold. The closest I came was working with someone who worked as an assistant on Analyze That. I grilled him, “tell me everything” and he went on to rave about Harold’s kindness and humor for about an hour. He told me that even though the movie was bad, and apparently Harold knew it was bad the whole time but sometimes you just have to do things, he never lost his smile or his spirit and the whole crew just loved him. His stories about Harold made me happy and I felt as if I knew him.

I am sad that I will never meet Harold Ramis. But I will be forever grateful for what he gave me. I hope he knows how much he changed people’s lives for the better. That is the best kind of legacy to have!

I am available for Ghostbuster sized hugs @StephersRG



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