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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary News

Whovians! The day is quickly approaching! Are you ready to watch The 50th Anniversary Episode of Doctor Who?

Below you will find updated information on air dates, trailers, and everything you need to know about the upcoming 50th Anniversary goodness!

1. An Adventure in Space and Time

First off, what is it? I’m glad you asked.

“An Adventure in Space and Time” is a dramatic re-telling of the creation of Doctor Who in 1963.

Have you ever wondered how the BBC decided to launch Doctor Who? Have you been curious about the casting of William Hartnell? What did the first TARDIS look like? Who was the First Doctor’s companion? This dramatization of the birth of Doctor Who will answer all these questions and more.

Written by Mark Gatiss, this 90 minute television movie will air in the US on BBC America on Friday November 22 @ 9PM.

Pictured below: David Bradley as First Doctor William Hartnell and Claudia Grant as Carole Ann Ford (who played Susan Foreman on ‘Doctor Who’) in ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ (Photo & Quote: BBC AMERICA)


2. The Day of the Doctor

This is the episode we have been waiting for all year! The famed 50th Anniversary Episode!

Finally, Matt Smith’s whimsical 11th Doctor teams up with David Tennant’s fierce 10th Doctor. But they are not the only Doctors making an appearance in this special 50th Anniversary episode. Or are they? Without giving away any spoilers, we know, based on the caption at the end of “The Name of the Doctor”, that John Hurt is also playing an incarnation of The Doctor. The question remains, which Doctor?

The internet has been abuzz with theories. “John Hurt is a Doctor from the future…” “He is a Doctor from the past…” “He’s Doctor 8 1/2!”

One thing is for sure: Show runner and writer of this episode, Steven Moffat, assures fans that this episode will change the course of Doctor Who forever (reported here by DoctorWhoTV).

“The Day of the Doctor” will be simulcast around the world at exactly the same time on November 23rd, or November 24th, depending on which timezone you are in. If you live in the US, the episode will air at 11:50amPST. Many fans will get the opportunity to see the episode in theaters at the same time folks are enjoying the episode at home.

View the extended trailer here:


When and where will you be watching “The Day of the Doctor”?

What are you looking forward to the most?

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