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Once Upon a Time 3.03 “Quite a Common Fairy”

Wow! What an episode! Something I love about Once Upon A Time is that we get the back stories of the villains. We get to see what choices they made in their life that caused them to choose darkness. We learn very clearly in this episode that Regina chooses to hold on to her anger over Daniel’s death because 1.) It gives her power, and 2.) She’s afraid it’s all she has left.

I love how the writers always point to a moral compass. Tinkerbell had the choice to kill Regina. Regina had the choice to pursue true love. In these examples, it’s not what “happened to someone” that made them evil, but the “choices they made” in the midst of something bad happening to them. I love that. We always have a choice.

I’m not going to do a full episode recap, but I will share my thoughts on certain points and characters that really stuck out to me.

1. Peter Pan: He wants Henry. He is trying to convince Henry that he is the only person who can restore magic and imagination. He told Henry that Emma wasn’t the Savoir, but Henry himself was.

While this may be true, why? What is Henry’s purpose in all of this? Peter Pan pointed to a Star Wars like reference of one who will “bring balance to the Force,” by being the grandchild of darkness and true love…

2. Charming: Will he die in Season 3? I truly hope not. If he dies it will be like (spoilers: watching Downtown Abbey all over again, which gutted me.) He CANNOT die. Hopefully the poison is healed and his life restored. I thought Charming and Hook shared a nice moment, when Charming showed Hook his wound.

3. Snow: I love how she told Tinkerbell that she would believe in her. Snow is so bold in her kindness and her passion. I love her.

4. Emma: Emma wants Henry, but she has not been swayed yet to use magic to find him. Regina had an interesting point about Emma using her “good magic” to find Henry. Will we see Emma’s magic in the future?

5. Hook: I LOVE what Tinkerbell says when she sees Hook for the first time: “Look who the Queen dragged in!” Haha 🙂 Hook definitely has a softer side, and it’s coming out in this quest to find Henry. Is there a way he still has an alterior motive? We shall see.

6. Regina: Regina is such a troubled soul. Her true love was murdered, she blames a child, she was forced to marry a man she did not love, she exiled her mother, and she is unhappy. We see in her flashbacks with Tinkerbell that she had the opportunity to pursue true love again, but was too scared to do it. We also get to see Regina’s heart! We’ve all been wondering just how dark it is. Apparently it’s pretty dark, but still red, and still beating strong. I believe there is still hope for Regina.

7. Neal: He makes it to Neverland! What a powerful exchange he had with Robin Hood. Neal has so much regret because he never told Emma just how much loved her. That scene was incredible! “When you love someone, you don’t keep it in.” I was surprised to see the Lost Boys waiting him in Neverland.

8. Robin Hood: I had a feeling he was the man the lion tattoo that Regina was supposed to meet. Robin Hood, or Sir Robin of Locksley, as some cannon stories tell it, served along side Richard the Lion Heart in the crusades. I hope he and Regina can find love, in a not so hopeless place 🙂 His son’s name is Rolland. Hasn’t their been another character in this show named Rolland?

9. Mulan: Mulan has now become a Merry Man (well, merry wo-man) in Robin’s camp. After hearing Neal tell Robin Hood he made a mistake not telling Emma he loved her, Mulan rushes off to presumably tell Aurora that she loves her, but is unable to upon learning Aurora is expecting a child with Prince Phillip. Oh Mulan… 😦

10. Tinkerbell: Outcast by the Blue Fairy! WHYYYYYYYYY Tink was just trying to help! What a sad, sad scene. I love both Blue and Tink. I hope they are able to reconcile at some point. I do believe Tink will get her wings back as Snow and Emma and Henry start believing in her again 🙂 Although, the trick, could be, believing in herself 🙂

Closing Thoughts

Neal is now in Neverland and the Lost Boys have him. Rumple is still wandering around the island, shadowless and dagerless. Which means someone could find the dagger… Regina’s heart is dark, but not completely black. Now that all our main characters are in Neverland, I forsee an epic game coming up with Peter Pan.

It’s time to get Henry back!

What did you think about this week’s episode? What are your thoughts on Tinkerbell, Regina, or Neal? Are you a fan of Peter Pan, or does he have another thing coming?

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