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Stephanie’s highly anticipated yearly Television Key Party

Every fall, television premiere season, I turn into a drunken swinger housewife at a magical key party. I dip my hand in that bucket and whatever I pull out I say “I’ll go home with you tonight”. I apparently am quite the television slut! I am always looking for that great new show. But in order to do that, you have to suffer through a lot of what may turn out to be the next worst show. Lucky for you, I did all the dirty work, emptied out that bowl of keys, and I am now here to help you out. In no way did I watch every pilot and in no way can I tell you about all the ones I did watch but here are just some general thoughts so you don’t have to suffer as I did, or so you can enjoy life if the case may be!

Worst new show: “We Are Men”                                                                                     “We Are Men”, a supposed comedy, was so aggressively unfunny that I got confused for a few minutes, seeing as how it was advertised as this years hottest new comedy. It was so unfunny that I was kind of wondering if it was some kind of social experiment. This should tell you something – the best joke in the whole pilot episode circled around a punch line in which Kal Penn was having the worst affair ever because his mistress was not in the mood to sleep with him just as he was getting caught by his wife in bed with said mistress. Yes, I find it hard to believe too and I was there for all the excruciating twenty-two minutes. And Tony Shaloub could do nothing to help. This show was pulled off the air after two episodes so…

Worst new show after We Are Men got yanked: “Hostages”                   Congratulations, “Hostages”, you were not as bad as “We Are Men”. I love Toni Collette and I will generally watch anything she is in which is how I ended up wasting an excruciating hour on this pilot. The whole thing felt about as enjoyable as a weeklong stay at the dentist’s office from Little Shop Of Horrors.

Most tentative possibly good new comedy: Tie – “The Crazy Ones” and “Super Fun Night”                                                                                                                                 “The Crazy Ones” is basically just Robin Williams being a nutter butter as usual. But this feels good to me. I grew up with a healthy does of Mork and Mindy (I even had Mork from Ork action figures that were played with until the arms no longer stayed on) and it feels really nostalgic but also fresh to have him back on my television. And I never thought I would say Sarah Michelle Gellar doing comedy was working but, hey, with Robin on screen, no one else really gets to speak anyway so it works! This one is a keeper for now

“Super Fun Night” I think most people will not watch or like but it is making me laugh. This is the new Rebel Wilson show that she created for herself (one point immediately for just doing it). The pilot got pretty much panned across the board and while it was not the best thing I have ever seen, I laughed like a maniac, which I do not do if you put me in front of “The Big Bang Theory”. That is my round about way of saying that my comedies are watched by few (go watch “Parks and Recreation”. I promise you will not be disappointed)! This probably won’t last but I will keep watching this one.

Best new comedy: “Hello Ladies!”                                                                                 HBO. Stephen Merchant. Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (The Office). If you need more, I can’t help you.

Most Suprising: “Sleepy Hollow”                                                                                       This show. We have every reason to be doubtful of a television series based on Sleepy Hollow.  But man, what a fun show this is turning out to be.  The parts are well cast (Tom Mison especially is killing it as Ichabod Crane) and they seem to be having a fun, breezy time. The show is dark and action-y and fun and pretty much all that I want in a television show. I am so glad that word of mouth is spreading this show around because otherwise I may have written it off. I am hopeful and excited to see where this series goes but I have a feeling it will be like Arrow, a show that only gets better and better.

I watched a slew of other new shows, some good some bad some in between. Some good for certain reasons (“The Michael J. Fox Show”, which is good because of, well, MJF, but don’t be confused, his character name is Michael Henry. Tricky stuff, I know), some good for other reasons (“The Goldbergs” narrated by Patton Oswalt and set in the 80s with an character in the opening wearing a fresh to death purple Ghostbusters shirt), some bad that I wanted to be good (“The Millers” with Will Arnett), some I just don’t know (“Brooklyn 9-9”), and some I am just unsure about as of yet (“The Blacklist”, which on a side note, had the strangest gimmick-y display at San Diego Comic Con, essentially a weird hologram imagine of James Spader mumbling hard to hear lines in a giant hotbox but we got a free bag at the end. Who is Red Reddington, indeed).

If you want me to watch something not mentioned, I will. Like I said, I am a television slut and I will gladly kiss and tell when I am done! Tweet me what you want me to review or tweet me what you think or just say hi. I need a hug! @StephersRG


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