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PokéCranston, A Love Letter

What is it that makes us watch the shows that we watch? What is it that makes us like the shows that we like? For the general audience, maybe it’s the hype. Maybe it’s the commercial you saw for it. Maybe it’s because of the article you read about it in the waiting room at the Dentist’s office.

Or maybe you’re a fangirl or fanboy…

Then your reasons for starting or watching a television series become something more. Something deeper. Maybe it’s something more moving, or something sexier. Perhaps you watch the show because of the story, maybe you continue to watch it for the OTPs, ships, or the potential romances, and the friendships between characters, or is it because you have a favorite character that you just can’t quite get enough of? For a true television watcher, I feel that you should appreciate all of the above for your favorite series, and roll with it. But you can’t deny that we all lean a little more to one specific direction than the others.

So there is something about seeing what case they will solve each week and what twists it will bring to the overall plot that excites you most of all. Or you just absolutely cannot wait for Character B to be on screen at the same time as character A– and you really, really, REALLY hope they kiss each other in this episode! Maybe it’s the shenanigans that the best friends, without fail, always get into that you wait for every episode. And for some of us, we just can’t wait to see what our favorite character, good or bad, is going to do next.

For me, a character is everything. I’ve always had to have a “favorite character”. I didn’t realize this, really, until recently. Until the wonderment of Netflix. Until I sat down and, yes, started binge watching ALL THE THINGS.

But what makes THAT character my favorite? To be honest with you, I don’t quite know. I haven’t figured out the formula, yet… but does that matter? Maybe there isn’t any rhyme or reason to the way that I get attached to a character and their show. It isn’t always the main character; in fact, for me, it has rarely been the leading man or leading lady. I’ve always been more drawn to watch the supporting characters because, as a general rule, they tend to be the more expressive ones. At least, they’ve had a history of being as such. For instance, I have always preferred the pirates to Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, and in The X-Files, while I loved Mulder and Scully, I was always the most excited to see The Lone Gunmen show up on my TV screen because they were just so damn quirky!

But then shows like Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad came along and suddenly the “more expressive characters” became the leading men and the leading ladies. My world has been turned upside down, around, and sideways, and I LOVE IT.

So is it the writing and the voice of the character? Is it the way that they interact with the other characters? Is it the actor that portrays them and their mad talent that makes us laugh and/or cry? My answer to you is: all of the above.

The writers are those that create our favorite characters and give them a voice. The characters surrounding our favorite make them the character that they are and give them a purpose. The actors that give our favorite characters a face are who bring them to life and give us something else to obsess over. It’s a never ending circle of Nerdery. When a series ends, or a mid-season hiatus begins, where do we usually turn? Another work of our latest ‘favorite’ actor– the face of our current ‘favorite’ character. Sometimes it’s a disaster… and other times, you embark on another grand adventure you might never have even thought to go on before.


Personally, I don’t hide my “obsessions” with pop culture.

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine jokingly told me that I was “out of control” and that, to quote his text message, “you must be stopped. You can’t have them all. Celebs are not Pokemon.”

Maybe they aren’t Pokemon, friend, but I can watch them all–I HAVE NETFLIX! So as I say goodbye to Albuquerque, New Mexico and all of the people in Heisenberg’s territory, I begin my adventure with Hal and his dysfunctional family, because I currently cannot get enough of Bryan Cranston– the actor who gave life to my latest favorite character. Will I like Malcolm in The Middle as much as I loved Breaking Bad? Probably not. The sit-com is a complete 360 from the much darker drama I have been obsessing over. But I will broaden my television horizon and conquer another series (when are they going to start giving points for that?) that did pretty well for itself while it was on and making it’s mark in television history.

I have discovered a lot of great movies and TV by going down a favorite actor’s or actress’s  filmography. I have also sat through a lot of really bad movies and TV by doing the very same. But I stand by my actors (that aren’t Pokemon), and as I move on to the next ‘favorite’, I never forget the others and leave them behind…. So maybe I do collect them in a way. They all hold special places in my heart– and is that really so bad?

Go forth and extend your journey outside of the Prison, go beyond Albuquerque, go over The Wall, and never stop meeting new characters in new places. So you might have to adjust to change a little and maybe you won’t always like everything, but the ships will be worth it, the stories will be new and exciting, and maybe you will come across another actor or character that you might not have even thought to care about before, to add to your own collection of “PokéActors”.



P.s. Thank you for reading my Netflix-praising love letter to writers and actors and their collaborative effort to continually bring us the worlds of characters that we are most passionate about.

What makes you watch what you watch?


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One comment on “PokéCranston, A Love Letter

  1. Joie Fatale
    March 1, 2014

    I can have them all…I have NETFLIX!
    Best line ever!

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