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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 1.03 “The Asset”

“The one where Skye gets her moment, and Agent Coulson walks on walls.”

Lauren’s Thoughts:

I am enjoying every episode of S.H.I.E.L.D! Every week we get to watch a mini-movie! The characters are developing at an even pace, there are subtle nods to previous Marvel films, and the humor and storytelling is always rich!

The episode opens with an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent transporting an asset. His truck is bombarded by an attack from an invisible source. I love when he calls in to Shield HQ, he says “oh hell I can’t explain!” His team is destroyed and his truck is hurled into a tree! The asset is abducted and Coulson’s team is sent in to recover him.

Agent Ward has started training Skye for combat. “I wanted to join Shield, not 24 hour fitness” was one of my favorite lines from the episode 🙂 I really loved Ward and Skye’s exchange in this scene: Agent Ward says that every Shield agent has a defining moment. I am curious to know what Coulson and May’s defining moments were.

Coulson’s team discovers the asset, Doctor Hall, is being held by billionaire Ian Quinn. They decide to send Skye in, even though no one but Coulson believes she is ready. As it would turn out, Doctor Hall planned his own abduction so that he could sabotage the Gravitronium device Quinn was working on.

By the end of the episode Skye is able to disarm Ian Quinn, just like Agent Ward taught her. Coulson is forced to make a tough call and allows Doctor Hall to die, in order to stop the destruction of the building and the Gravitonium device.

Agent May decides to return to combat duty, mostly because she doesn’t want to see Coulson injured. Her line about how he almost died working with the Avengers really hit home for me. At the very end of the episode we see the Gravitonium device locked away, but with Doctor Hall trapped in it…. We know what this means! Next time we see Doctor Hall he will be GRAVITRON!!!

To me this episode was a much more serious episode. We discover Agent Ward came from an abusive family, that Skye has no family, and that Agent Coulson has lost the muscle memory of using his weapon. Though not short on humor, I thought Fitzsimmons were on point in this episode. Fitz reminds me so much of Scotty from Star Trek! Always running around, shouting, fixing things 🙂 I really enjoyed the episode and can’t wait to see how this will all tie into The Avengers: Age of Ultron.
– Lauren Gallaway (Twitter @Lauren_Gallaway)


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