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Saying Goodbye

I had tons of friends growing up. No, really! I did! Only they were not the kind of friends that could prevent me from eating my lunch in the bathroom or being afraid to ride the bus or playing board games by myself on a Saturday. My friends lived in other worlds, inside that little magical box.

I do not watch everything that comes on the television and a tremendous amount of popular shows I have never seen a whole episode (no Law and Order of any kind for me). Here is the thing, with the shows that I do watch, and this has been my way my whole life, I tend to get overly involved and obsessed. The characters on these shows are my friends and neighbors. Six Feet Under is arguably one of the greatest shows ever put on television (calm down, I said “one of”). I regularly do a re-watch of that show just to be with the Fishers again. Then I inevitably get to that terrific last episode that makes me weep, and I know, even before I get there, that I will be terribly sad and lonely when it is over. I will miss Claire and her art school freaky friends (whom I also count as MY friends), and I will also miss that entire crazy family. I get so involved when I watch this show that when it is over things around me seem gray and dull.

This is the burden we bear when we watch these amazing shows. Any like-minded obsessed TV viewer knows that we will have to one day say goodbye to our friends, people with whom we have spent a crazy amount of time. Being a life long obsessive TV viewer, I would have thought I would be used to this, or at least better at it by now! I have had to say goodbye to Buffy and her whole Scooby gang, Kevin Arnold, the Piemaker, the entire Bluth clan, JD and Turk, both the freaks and the geeks, Sydney, Starbuck, Jack and Sawyer, Mal and those crazy space renegades, among countless others over the years that I am just too emotional to recall at the moment! But, in fact, I never get better at it.

This year, 2013, has been a hard year and I have endured a lot of goodbyes. I had to bid farewell to a long running show I have been with since day one, The Office. I also had to part ways with a show that I looked forward to almost more than anything on a weekly basis, Fringe. I also had to say goodbye to 30 Rock, a show that I found during the season 2 run. We had the kind of up and down relationship that could have ended really badly but ultimately it made a better person for knowing it. I said goodbye to Dexter who I loved for four years, really liked for two years and really could not stand to be around for two more. We had that relationship that ended really badly and I never want to speak to him again.  Happy Endings left me without saying goodbye, mostly because no one else wanted to say hello, but like all those kids that ignored me while I was eating lunch in the bathroom, their loss! Most recently, many of us had to say goodbye to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and all those guys in New Mexico. How do you let something go that has come to mean so much to you over the course of five years? Breaking Bad answered that by giving us one of the best finales I have ever seen. I won’t say anything more because I certainly don’t want to spoil it for people that are just catching up (but seriously, what is wrong with you)! We got what we wanted one last time. It was so hard to say goodbye, but say goodbye we did.

“You look terrible.” “Yeah. But I feel good.”

Next year will not be any easier! I have hung out with the How I Met Your Mother gang for longer than I have lived in Los Angeles. They moved here with me from the east coast. At the end of this ninth season, I will say goodbye to them. One of my all time favorite shows, a show that I, in all earnestness, credit with keeping me in Los Angeles, working toward my dream, Psych, will be going dark sometime next year. For seven years this show has kept me positive and churning. It hurts my toes just to even think about that so for now, I shall just move on.

These days, with TV shows on Netflix and DVD and hulu and all those various glorious platforms that have changed my life, we can do the re-watch, or we can re-visit our favorite episode, have a marathon and watch an entire series in two weeks. We do not have to say goodbye forever. If I want to hang out with the Fishers, I am free to start over with episode one anytime I want. Walter White is only a click away. Press play and I am back with my friends, lost in a different world. Luckily, these worlds keep growing and expanding and I am constantly making new friends. I will never forget what all these characters have meant to me over the years but as long as there are new stories to tell with new friends, new enemies, new heroes, new villains and everything in between, I will be there, nose to the screen waiting to be transported, if only for 22 to 43 minutes at a time! Now if you will excuse me, I have to get ready for the new season of The Walking Dead.

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