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Once Upon A Time 3.02 “Lost Girl”

It’s Sunday and that means ONCE UPON A TIME!!!!

I am such a #Oncer. I can’t get enough of this show. I don’t know if it’s the fairytale lover in me, the Disney Princess fangirl in me, or just my overall love for the fantasy genre. Honestly I think it’s all of the above. I mean, how often to you get to see Mulan fighting alongside Princess Aurora rescuing the son of the Dark One!

My Recap: Once Upon A Time “Lost Girl”

“Lost Girl” opened with Hook, Regina, Emma, Snow and Charming pursuing Henry into the woods of Neverland. Hook warns to not go into the deep jungle because that’s where Pan lives… I would have to side with Hook on the issue because he is the only one who has been to Neverland before. Peter Pan gives Emma a blank map telling her she will find Henry when she realizes who she really is. Robbie Kay is portraying Peter brilliantly! He was even glowing green towards the end of the episode with mischief and adventure! I am loving him!

Emma could hear the lost boys crying in the night… Seeing as the episode is called “Lost Girl,” I had a feeling that was the identity she was meant to discover: that she was a lost girl, an orphan.

Meanwhile Rumpelstiltskin is traveling the island on his own. The small toy Felix gave him must have a strong memory attached it because he holds onto it. All of a sudden Belle appears. At first I thought she was a trick, a conjuring of Pan, but her words seemed genuine. Rumple shares with Belle that the toy came from his father, who abandoned him. Rumple must now choose to abandon Henry to safe guard his own life, or break the pattern of abandonment in his family line and rescue him. Belle convinces Rumple to let go of the toy which represents the past and choose Henry.

This glimpse into Rumple’s back story raises an interesting question: who is Rumpelstiltskin’s father?

If a lost boy gave Rumple the toy, how did he get it? Was Rumple a lost boy? Did he leave the toy on the island before somehow getting back to the Enchanted Forest? I know we will see Rumple’s father in two episodes this season, but so far nothing is known about him.

Could Rumple have a famous fairytale father? Or could Rumple be just another lost boy, taken to Neverland by the shadow who seeks out orphans?

Throughout the episode we see Regina attempt to use magic to find Henry. Snow, Charming and Hook all side with Emma, trusting that she will discover who she really is, in order to reveal Henry’s location on the map.

Regina does use magic, which causes the Jolly Roger 5 to be ambushed and attacked by Peter and the Lost Boys. Haha, that sounds like the name of a band 🙂

We didn’t get to see any of Neal, Aurora, Phillip, Robin Hood or Mulan in this episode.

The alternate storyline was more back story of Snow and Charming’s struggle to oust wannabe queen Regina. We see Snow removing “Excalibur” from a stone. This turned out to be a fake sword, but the faith it took to pursue and attack Regina helped Snow regain the strength she needed to take back her kingdom.

By the end of the episode Emma comes to terms with the fact that she is an orphan. Snow sits with Emma and lets Emma share her sadness for being orphaned. I totally cried during this moment. TAs Emma says she is an orphan the map reveals Henry’s location.

At the end of the episode we see Rumple coming across his father’s toy again, and we see Charming injured. He actually looks poisoned. Oh noooooo. Pan confronts Emma one last time and tells her two things:
– He tells her by the time Emma finds Henry he won’t want to leave
– Emma will be orphaned again

My Thoughts:

Pan is not playing around. He wants Henry for some dark purpose, and he intends to destroy the Charming family. The question is, why? Why does he need the “heart of the truest believer?” Does he want Henry’s physical heart, like Cora? Or is Peter being symbolic? Will we see a good Pan? Is Peter under some kind of dark curse?

Emma tells Hook that in all the stories she has read Peter Pan has been good. Hook cutely asked what he was like in the stories. Hook, you are definitely much hotter in Once Upon a Time 🙂 Obviously the writers chose to make Pan bad. I hope Pan undergoes transformation. I hope he is only wicked because of his bitterness for being orphaned. Maybe a mothers or a fathers “true love kiss” will break Pan’s curse just as Emma’s kiss broke Henry’s curse. Maybe that’s why Wendy could only give him a thimble…

If my theory comes true (*fingers crossed*) then who could Peter Pan’s parents be? In the J. M. Barrie book “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens” (the first appearance of Peter Pan), Peter does not know who his parents are. He was separated from them as an infant (very similar to Emma I must add) and is never reunited with them.

It’s fascinating how similar are Emma and Pan’s birth stories. Emma never knew her parents were Snow White and Prince Charming, and that she had to be put through a portal to survive. Maybe Pan’s story is similar. If so, then who are Pan’s parents? Will he get to meet them? Maybe a relative still alive?

So many characters in Once Upon a Time are fatherless. Baelfire “lost” his father when Rumple became the Dark One. Hook’s father disappeared on him, Rumple’s dad abandoned him…. Snow’s father died… even Henry was raised by a single mom. Death is a very common theme in Disney, but early Disney films usually depicted the loss of a mother.

To me the show is filled with “Lost Ones.” Each character who has suffered loss has had the chance to take one of two paths: the path of love and forgiveness, or the path of darkness. I think Regina and Hook’s conversation about “villains not getting happy endings” is very poignant. Happy endings cannot be cast, conjured or forced-they must come naturally. All happy endings are hinged on true love, that is given freely, and not bought, stolen or manipulated. I hope the villains in these stories like Hook, Rumple, and Regina learn the way of love before the series is over. It would be amazing to see each baddie redeemed because there are always opportunities for them to make the right choice.

New Week

Next week’s episode is titled “Quite a Common Fairy.” You know what that means: TINKERBELL!

In the preview Tink looked very mischievous AND she knows REGINA! How did that happen!

Here’s a clip for next week:

I’m excited to see next weeks episode. If you have any thoughts about this episode or about the show in general, please leave a comment, tweet us at @FancasticFP or tweet me at @Lauren_Gallaway.

Keep Calm and Tinker On Oncers!


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